BenQ & How to be a FLASHER!



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First download the f/w.
BenQ Official: Fig 1.
BsnQ rpc1 patched: Fig 2.
BenQ .CVTs: Fig 3.


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Having downloaded f/w. See fig 1 & 2. You can proceed to flash. If an upgrade, so sticking to f/w for that particular model. Then .exe f/w with comes complete with installer. If you need to unpack the f/w first, then something like WinRAR may be needed See fig 3 & 4.


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Firstly have pc running in safe mode. From within Windows go to start > then > run > type msconfig > click OK > from the window select safe boot. See fig 1 > 4. Let pc boot into safe mode.


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First ensure drive empty. (One option is to have tray open as this 1: ensures drive is empty, but 2: can give a mechanical confirmation once flashing has taken place [drawer closes])
Now double click the relevant f/w. Follow the instructions. Fig 1 > 7. Let pc reboot.




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Now pc has rebooted, drive has been flashed. Remember that your still in safe mode. Repeat stages as laid out in post # 3. The exception is that this time you select normal startup. See fig 1.
N.B. Checking back I see I have left out link for WinRAR. So here it is:


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OK. This brings us to crossflashing. The easiest for us the user, is Quikees :bow: BQFlasher.(Click link in my sig to go to homepage & downloads) See fig 1.
Note you [U]need[/U] the aspi .dll in same folder. It’s also easier if the relevant f/w is in the same folder, although not essential. See fig 2. Double click BQFlasher, then follow instruction/guide. Fig 5 > 7.
N.B Don’t forget to boot to safe mode before flashing.
WARNING as pointed out by Quikee, crossflashing invalidates warranty.
[U]BTW[/U] As I didn’t want to crossflash my drive at this time, But wanted to show the stages. I’ve stuck with 1655 f/w. However you can flash to a 1650 <> 1655. I have done this using the method shown. In the case of these drives the LightScribe function does not follow. So your 1650 crossflashed to a 1655 will not give you LS due to limitations of the drive. A 1655 crossflashed to a 1650 loses LS due to limitations of f/w.


N.B. Don’t forget the pc will still be in safe mode at this stage. So run the msconfiig as stated in earlier post.


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Quikees’ BQFlasher will work with both .exe & .cvt files. There may be a situation where only the .cvt file is available. If the BQFlasher does not see the drive you wish to crossflash, then WinDWFlash (click link in my sig) may be required. When using this method it will try to flash any drive. So make sure you select the correct drive.


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Using WinDWFlash. This utility works with .cvt files only. Double click WinDWFlash exe > select drive > select f/w > check correct drive & f/w > flash drive. Note once flash is complete you need to restart pc to complete the process. Remember to use safe mode & the WARNING crossflashing will invalidate your warranty. A pictorial guide follows.
N.B Again please note the the drive & f/w are the same as I didn’t want to cross flash at this stage.(Drives working well with learned memory which I’d lose. I may do an addition at w/e showing actual crossflashing as I’m anticipating some new drives).




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In post # 2, some of you may have noticed that one f/w is speedpatched. I don’t intend on going into strat swapping here. However the speedread is something that I feel as the f/w patch was included should be looked at. First go to ala42s’ homepage (link in my sig). Download & unzip MCSE. Double click & run MCSE. Load the relevant f/w > click readspeed box > save. See guide.
When you flash drive use the modified f/w.


Great job, zebadee! It’s a FAQ material, although I already prepared similar screenshots for the new FAQ but not as thorough as yours. :wink:

Quick question though: who owns and sites?


[B]@zebadee:[/B] Great work :iagree: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

[B]@zevia:[/B] Can you make this thread Sticky?


I have never seen a more comprehensive manual for flashing in my life. This is fabulous work Zebadee. I for one congratulate you on a job well done.


for the love of God make give this guy some beer. Finally this makes sense now. There is work to be done on my new sony 810A I just bought. Most excellent work .


Great guide zebadee… :clap: :clap: :clap: .

A comment though, I’ve been flashing my DVDRW’s more than 1000 times in the past 2½ years and never needed to boot into safe mode. :smiley:
[I]zebadee[/I], your way to boot into safe mode (if needed at all) is also kinda complicated, why not just restart, hit [B]F8[/B] key at bootup, and boot directly into safe mode without the need to run msconfig twice, risking boot/system failures.

Let’s hope some of zebadee’s work can become a part of the upcoming (revised) FAQ. If not, just make it sticky. :iagree:


This is my question also and I tend to agree with Pinto I have also during the past 5-6 year many times have flashed and cross flashed my drive with no time that I had to go through safe mode. Other than that you have made a great effort and nice job.


Hello Zebedee,

This would have saved me many days of searching and trial and error last year in learning this for myself… Excellent work :bow:




Interesting view of flashing! :slight_smile: