BenQ hold firm on HDD DVD recorder pricing despite slow sales

I just posted the article BenQ hold firm on HDD DVD recorder pricing despite slow sales.

Over at DigiTimes we can read that BenQ does not wish to lower pricing on their DVD recorders just yet, after all, they say they are quite a bit cheaper than Japanese competitors already…

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I definitely see great benefits from a HDD over DVDR If using a 4,7 gig. DVD, the great resolution only is available for recordings of two hours or less. If you want to record a movie of 3 (or even 2 hours and 5 minutes) the recorder sets back the reso. to VHS resolution, which , although still acceptable , is not why you purchase a DVD recorder. Also, if you want to record more than one program or movie and you’re not around to change the disks in-between, you’re forced to record all the stuff onto a single DVD which has the same disadvantage mentioned above. And last, with the exception of the Sony DVD recorders (in DVD-VR mode) and I think DVD-RAM has the option too, chase play is only available on HDD recorders. This is a great option that really shows the benefit of this new recording technique over the old VHS system So, I do agree that the price difference right now is quite large, but as soon as I can find a affordable HDD recorder I’m definitely buying it, HDD recording has everything DVD recording should have had.
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