Benq goes BluRay



Looks like Benq/Phillps are the first to the post with a BluRay/DVD/CD combo burner. The BW1000 was demoed at Cebit, but won’t be available till the end of the year.

What’s the betting that the media price/availability situation will be just like dual-layer DVD all over again?


DVD dual layer media still hasn’t come down in price enough, so I have no delusions that BluRay media will be reasonably priced. :wink:

Maybe the Holodisc media (whenever it comes) will bring that down, and DVD-/+R/RW will go the way of vinyl. :wink:


Yeah, like the CD’s have become obsolete…


Hello exactly. :slight_smile:

Now that I own an iPod, I have no need for CD-Rs whatsoever now.