BenQ first to introduce 48X CD-ReWriter



I just posted the article BenQ first to introduce 48X CD-ReWriter.

Over at our friends from we can read a newspost regarding the upcoming BenQ writer. This is not just a new writer but it will be the fastest drive available today with amazingly high…

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It can never be too fast :slight_smile:


ahhh… so what the topic heading MEANT to say was 16x rewriter and 48x writer. a 48x rewriter would be pretty amazin… :slight_smile:


It will never burn at 48x the whole session. Only the end will be written at 48x. But again you will save like 20secs on a full cdr! :4


Is a 20 second gain worth it? My 12x writer can do a CD in just over 6 minutes. It’s not worth upgrading for the 3 minute gain I would get. I want to see more effort put into making faster RWs. Now, a drive that can do rewritables at 40x WOULD catch my attention.