Benq Firmware Help



if you have a dvd writer with standard firmware that comes with the drive, and therre is a firmware that is just realeased but you have not used other ones that came before can i just use the latest one or do i have to put them all in order of realease date.
i have a 1640 can i also flash the drive with out having to go in to dos.



You can just put the latest firmware.

You can also put any firmware do you want, also a previous if you want to try if a specific firmware have better results with a specific batch of media.


Yes just flash the drive with the latest firmware. Firmwares aren’t upgrades… they come as a whole everytime.

You can safely flash in windows. The firmware you download from BenQ is actually a flasher for windows with the firmware included in the executable.

Edit: ahh… geno888 you were faster. =)



You can take it right from the installed firmware right to the new firmware - no problem-

You download the latest firmwares .zip or .rar file and unzip it - preferabely in a folder that you created on your “C” drive - something like “BenQ” - then click on the resulting .exe file within windows and follow the instructions (NO disc in drive) - when it’s finished - be sure to reboot your computer so it installs properly - and you are ready to go-