BenQ firmware development stopped?

Did BenQ abandon their drives after Liteon deal? It’s been long time since last update…

That’s why they have introduced SolidBurn :bigsmile:
As a firmware update for Philips 1660/1668 was published recently, there is some hope of newer firmwares for 1650/1655 :wink:


Newer than p1.6? or is that the new one as never noticed it being mentioned here.

I also need really bad a new firmware for my 1650!!! BCHC shift down to 4X as soon a the jitter raises over 10 suddenly. I noticed that when burning my MCC04 (verbatim).
If the jitter raises smoothly than the drives keeps working normally. When there is a sudden spike (of jitter only) than the drives shiftdown to 4X and remains at 4X until the end of the burn.
I will try some more testing (with WOPC off) and post to night.

Well, I would too liked to try out the new firmware…


I remember a thread here on BenQ forum, where someone said that BenQ firmware could be even better if the Lite-On programmers take they part in it. So, I guess the new 1650/1655 firmwares could be very promesing.

Lets say that there wont be a new Benq firmware ever, is there a way to cross flash to a Philips (ex 1655=>1668) and if so, why is there anybody talking about it? Is it so bad from Benq’s firmware?

Yes, there is.

Yes, there is a way, as long as the two drives
are compatible. You might wish to look through
this thread.

If I understood correctly from reading in BenQ forum, Philips’s firmwares were always published just a bit before BenQ’s. So I think we have a very good reason to hope for new BenQ firmwares. :bigsmile:

1.Is there a risk of dead drive when cross flashing from 1655 to 1668?
2.Why is there anybody talking about it? Is it so bad from Benq’s firmware?
3.Does BQ flasher protect the drive from being flashed to a wrong drive resulting a dead drive?

You can crossflash to a Philips, but I wouldn’t advise you to do that. I have a Philips 1660P1 and I’m very happy with it, the burns are excellent. But with Philips firmware you have some things you will miss.

The biggest complain about the Philips firmware is, that you can only do qualityscans with 1x, and thats pain. And not enough it seems to show only PIE Errors and Jitter, no PIF Errors. Thats really a shame for Philips. Another thing is that you have not all options in QSuite available, WOPC and QScan are missing and Solidburn is per default enabled for known media. That’ s for good reason cause in my opinion some firmware strategies are not so optimal. And the last thing is you have a riplock with the Philipsfirmware.

So I am thinking of crossflashing to a BenQ 1650. But I’m not sure yet, cause for scanning I have two other devices, so that the biggest complain about the Philips firmware is not such a problem for me. The burning quality with Solidburn is wonderful, so that for the moment I will stay with the Philips firmware. But if the Philips would be my only drive, I would not hesitate to crossflash it.

Off course! There is always a certain risk, there is no 100% sure flash!

2.Why is there anybody talking about it? Is it so bad from Benq’s firmware?

Chuck44 and me just posted some links!

3.Does BQ flasher protect the drive from being flashed to a wrong drive resulting a dead drive?

Nope. And that’s why only with BQflasher you can crossflash Philips to BenQ (and opposite) using exe firmwares.

Anyway, I just checked BenQ US and DE sites, no sign of a new firmware yet. :frowning:

Thank you all very much, you enlightened me, I won’t take the risk and cross flash.

Lite-on introduced Smart Burn :bigsmile:

Excause me for offtopic.
Is possible, that I crossflash Philips PBDV1660B to BenQ DW1650?
If not, which Philips is BenQ DW1650?

If your drive is shown as [B]DVDR1660P1[/B], then it is compatible to a Benq DW 1650. For naming of Philips drives, you may check


Hi :slight_smile:
Yes it’s possible. See this thread.

I heard from someone who was had a contact in Benq that pretty well all the engineers either resigned or were reassigned to other divisions.

Dont hold your breath on new firmware. Unless ofcourse it’s just renaming the firmware file from philips into benq.

It looks like 1650-bcic 1655-bcib will be availability soon…


hmm, this MCC04 burn does not look better than my actua burns with BCHC!!! Let’s hope this is not a genuine Verbatim MCC04!!!