BenQ firmware development lag

BenQ has been quiet for a while now regarding 1650/55 firmwares… Is this a sign of things to come after their optical drives division takeover by LiteOn? I hope not, but after the latest firmwares for these models (which created more problems instead of fixing existing ones), they should have some serious patching-up to do… Somehow, I don’t see it happening any time soon. Sad thing is that they have the feedback from the end users, they just choose not to do anything with it…

Yeah it’s been a while… (3 months).

if this keeps up, this might be my last benq, and if lite-on will start selling lite-on drives as benq, i will never again buy another benq.

had two lite-ons before, don’t want anymore

You probably have not looked at Liteon burners for a long time like me till recently. If you see the burn curve and quality of their new burners, you may notice something familiar esp. at 12x burn speeds.


my first lite-on was 823? something like that, it was 8x, then i had one of the first 16x burners, really disapointed with both drives.

That what I was thinking after my 1633S. Than I got a 1693S which convinced me again. Than I got my 160P6S (it was in fact a sony that I crossflashed.) Yhis drive is as good a my Philips/Benqs with even less noise!!!
Dont’ get it wrong, Liteon is back!!!

You think you have waited long for BenQ firmware, my hair is getting grey waiting
for new LG 4163 firmware :wink:

LG Drives, everytime they launch a new firmware, it is a major one, with all the major fixes thats why take them so long to launch, it is like a complete makeover of the firmware. For BenQ, they launch very often and most parts are the same just added support for more media, readjusting write strategy. But I guess they will not launch another firmware for that model of LG, knowing them they only support the newer drives and even new drives, you have to wait for months before you see a revision in firmware.

You probably mean 832. I had a 451, then an 832.
Both were good drives, and are still in service in
a friend’s computer. :slight_smile:

I still occasionally use my 1693 via USB2 adaptor (the second 1693 I’ve had as my first one died during a bad flash :sad: ). I also have a few older Liteys and other drives from NEC, TDK, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony and LG stacked up in a cupboard which I call ‘my drive museum’. Yep, I’m a ‘drive hoarder’… And I’m not getting rid of them (despite my girlfriend frequently moaning that ‘we could make better use of the space’…). What does she know eh? Haven’t tried any of the newer SolidBurn-style Liteys yet, but I think the way BenQ firmware development is going, my next drive will most probably be one of those. Until BluRay/HD DVD comes of age that is…

I’ve got two 1650s and two 1635S’s - very fond of all of them. My 1693S is still being used in my neighbour’s PC, where he’s very happy with its performance :slight_smile:

My first DVD burner was a 451 LiteOn and it was a pretty poor drive.

Since then, I’ve pretty much stayed away from LiteOn. I’ve gone mostly with BenQ drives including the 1640, the 1650, and the 1655 drives, all very good drives. I’ve also had a NEC 3500 (an OK drive) as well as an LG 4163. The 4163 is currently my fastest burner (but I had to find an appropriate strategy swap to make it burn some the newer 16X discs, since LG doesn’t seem to be interested in updating the firmware any more).

[B]But[/B], I’m hearing a [B]lot[/B] of good things about this 160P6S drive. HyperTuning (solidBurn equivalent), and overspeeding with great results across many different media types. UDMA mode-4 for fast on-the-fly disc copying even with both drives on the same IDE channel. And best of all, actual LiteOn firmware guys posting in the cdfreaks LiteOn forum and releasing test firmware on a continual basis makes for really exciting times!

Perhaps it’s time to add yet another drive to the shelf :confused: . For $35.00, it makes me want to forgive LiteOn and go out and buy one - just to see what all the fuss is about!

well my next drive will have one of these or all

faster DL burning (10x +)
RW DL support
RAM 12x +
better write quality if possible
18x - +

HD-DVD burn, RW, RR, R

i might give lite-on a 3rd chance, but unlikelly, had enough of bad disc, because of those two drives, still got a bad feeling about it

reason why i never bought LG, because of bad firmware support, now that BenQ is doing the samething, its really hard to choose

also one thing that really pisses me off its that benq keeps burning verbatim at 2.4x, i know there is a way around it, but customers should have to hack firmwares to get the drive working the way it supposed to

I haven’t really tried online HyperTuning with my Liteon 160P6S yet. It doesn’t seem to work with the PSOA f/w. But that’s on my “things to do” list.

Getting back to the subject of this thread, I’m a bit confused by the BenQ f/w updates. The US site currectly shows BCDC as the newest f/w for the 1650. Yet my 1650 came with BCFC installed and I have BCHC waiting in the wings in case I decide I need it.

Does BenQ develop new f/w and somehow just never get around to releasing it on their site? :confused:

BCHC and BCDC for DW 1650 is published on also on


BCHC sort of …sucks, I wouldn’t use it as it’s got very mixed reviews from users. Seems that BenQ releases firmwares that create more problems than really fixing existing ones… BCFC is the ‘last known good’ one for the 1650. My 1640@BSOB is still my favorite BenQ drive/firmware combo (although other users would probably disagree). My brother has it at the moment, but this will change very soon as I WILL be taking it back! :iagree:

I just wish that the BenQ development team would listen to us, the end users, (as it’s common knowledge that they do visit this forum), and implement real-world changes to the firmwares according to our feedback. My other big wish is: BRING DOWN THE PRICES OF VERBATIM DL MEDIA! It’s ridiculous for a pack of those to cost more than a brand new burner! Just so absurd, I’m amazed they are getting away with it for so long. It would also be great if we could to choose between Verb DLs and other brands, this monopoly of Verbatim in the decent-quality DL market is very annoying. I wish other manufacturers would modify their manufacturing processes and raw material quality in order to produce DLs of similar quality. Or at least if firmware manufacturers could produce firmware that can burn cheaper DL media with decent results…

A friend once told me a long time ago that the future is not in the optical device media, that it will soon be taken over by massive capacity superfast flash media that can fit in the palm of your hand… I have to say that it sounds good, but with the advent of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD it seems like optical media are coming back with a vengeance. It would be great to plug in a flash drive to my TV/Hi-Fi/PC and record/listen to/watch, if that technology would be mature enough. But I do love my burners, and if it came to that, I’d still keep my ‘drive museum’…

I wasn’t looking in the right place. But all BenQ sites with f/w should have the latest versions. Here’s where I looked: