BenQ f/w: seriously confused--help!



I’ve got a new 1620 on order, and arrival is probably mid next week. I dutifully went to the BenQ U.S. download site to download f/w, in anticipation of needing it for my new drive. The version that I found for my OEM drive was “G7K9” w/a release date of 9-30-04.

But on another thread, I keep seeing references to f/w w/revisions like “V9” and “U9”. I am assuming these are more recent releases than the “K9” I found? Can anyone explain to me wtf is going on here? What am I missing? Why do I not find the more recent drivers some of you are mentioning?

Here’s the link to the BenQ page where I found the K9 version:


EDIT: Remembering that this is a very international forum, I went back to the BenQ site, and tried looking at firmwares meant for other English-speaking countries (U.K., Australia, etc.) and am now finding those newer f/w’s, tho mostly the “B” version. What’s going on here? Why doesn’t the BenQ U.S. site have these newer versions?


Basically the “G” firmwares for the OEM drives take longer to be released for some reason or another. I just received a OEM BENQ 1620 from with firmware B7U9 for a computer that I am building for someone. So the drive you are receiving won’t necessarily be with firmware starting with “G”. I’ve found that rebadged drives from I/O MAGIC come with “G” firmware.


I read somewhere else on this forum that BenQ is abandoning the “G” f/w on OEMs, and just doing the “B” all across the line–I don’t know if this is true, do you?

Glad to hear the 1620 you just got had the U9 f/w–mine should arrive mid-week, so hopefully I’ll get the higher f/w revision also. All I found on the BenQ U.S. site was version K9, for both B and G, from last September! :rolleyes: That is seriously being behind. BenQ Australia is more up to date, at least on the B series.


You must be looking in the wrong place. Here is the link I use to get to B firmwares, it has everything from H9 to V9:


I just received an OEM 1620 from NewEgg today. F/W is B7S9. What are the differences between a 1620 & a 1620 Pro? Can a 1620 be upgraded to Pro with F/W?


A forum search would have given you the answer earthling but anyway the 1620 & 1620 Pro are the same drive from firmware B7P9 or later is a 1620 Pro.

The Pro was added as a means of marketing the new features BenQ introduced with the B7P9 firmware for the 1620.

The latest official firmware is B7V9.


Thanks for that, even though this was not for me, it gave me some new information. I did not know that the Pro was just the ‘new’ 1620, I thought there was some difference (only via firmware) and basically the OEM unit was the vanilla 1620. I got myself a 1620 Pro today, so far happy with the unit, should compliment my DVR-109 nicely.


That’s much better! What I originally did (to get to the BenQ site that has the outdated f/w) was to go to “”, which then askede me for my country. I clicked on “United States”. On the following page, I clicked on “Service & Support | Drivers”. It then took me to a page where I selected my product, which finally landed me here:

Outdated BenQ link

I like your link much better. :smiley:

I also notice that, on your link, they now have the 1620/1620 Pro f/w as being the same for both models.

I also seem to recall reading somewhere else on this forum that the newest “V9” release was having some problems–is this true?


So to clarify, there is no more “G” f/w?


1620 and 1620 Pro are identical hardware-wise, so the only distinguishing characteristic of the Pro drive is that it contains P9 or later firmware (we’ll disregard the text on the stickers as a superficial feature).

V9 is okay but once in a while it limits the speed of -R media (drops a 12-16x burn to 8x) for no reason that could be discerned in a quality scan of the disc when it’s done. I burn -R in another drive, so it doesn’t bother me. You might want to stick with T9 if you plan to burn high-speed -R media.


It appears that nobody interested in or capable of flashing the drive wants G firmware that has fallen behind. If you are getting a bulk drive with G firmware, you should crossflash it to B by using .CVT firmware.


I pretty much burn +R media solely, so I guess the -R issue won’t matter to me.


DVD_ADDICT further up the post mentioned just receiving a 1620 OEM from the egg, and mine is due (also from Newegg) mid-week. He said they had the “B7U9” f/w on theirs, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that mine will too.


8T8: Thank you.

Agent009: Thanks for the response and clarification.


Just received my OEM 1620 today from Newegg. Fw version is “B7U9”. I got “branded”! :bigsmile:


Congrats! Don’t forget to post some scans here, and hopefully your :bigsmile: doesn’t change to :frowning: like your experience with the other drive.