BenQ EW822U Problem

Hello everybody from Italy.

I have a problem with my external BenQ EW822U. It worked perfectly for a couple of months, then suddenly it could not read (and masterize) any DVD. It can read only CD.

I think it is a hardware problem, however i would like to know if anybody had the some problem or otherwise can suggest me some action to exclude a software problem.

I have a Toshiba notebook with Windows XP.

Thank you very much. Paolo.

Hi Paolo!!
I have Internal DW822A which otherday also stop recognising any DVD disks(pressed or copied but reads and writes CDs) I am also looking for preferably software solution :bow:
If I get something I will let you know bu please if you get any luck e-mail me!
I am afraid that is hardware …either the chip that controls DVD or the Laser beam problem…’ :a