Benq EW164B?



Benq EW164B

wat the writer enclosed in that casing ? is it a benq 1640 ? also can the writer be removed from that casing & Used as Internal IDE Drive ? :smiley:



anybody has info on this ?


Yes it’s DW1640 with external firmware.


can the writer be removed from that casing & Used as Internal IDE Drive ? :slight_smile:


anybody pls help !!


Sure. You can then flash it to any 1640 firmware (I prefer BSLB).


cool… i am able to find a retail piece,worth getting ?


Sure, it has features that other DVD burners nowadays do not have (such as “Advanced Disc Quality” scan). Worth getting :slight_smile:


I saw one on ebay last week…I shoulda snapped it up :frowning:


I never have seen a BenQ branded external EW164B for sale in the USA, I know they had then in the UK for along time. There were however rebadges of this drive.:iagree:


Hi :slight_smile:
That’s novel!
BenQ is a rebadged BenQ???
Do you mean that the EW164b is the same drive (1640), only with different f/w to allow for better transfer when used in conjunction with USB,


Circuit City had them a long time ago then never brought the external EW164B in again. :wink:


I flashed my internal DW 1640 to EW 164B using firmware BEGB. I like it at lot. I have had it this way for 7 months. Never a problem. Does everything. I bought it at Best Buy as a Plextor 740A on sale.


the EW164B firmware works great too when using it as an internal drive, so you dont really have to flash it to the BenQ 1640 firmware


Hello, Could I use the case with the other drive (e.g. 1650 or not BenQ)? Is the special firmware for external drive really needed?