BenQ EW164B problem

Hello. I’ve a new EW164B external DVD rewriter. I have problem writing data into the DVD disc with this writer. When I tried writing through XP built-in facility, it refused. When I tried doing backup with Nero backup software, a message saying “Scanning SCSI/IDE bus, please wait…” appeared upon starting up the application, and stay there forever without further action, until I unplug the USB of the rewriter from the computer, the message will disappear, but it still refuse to let me write data to the disc.

I’m very new on these DVD things. Could someone enlighten me on how to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Raymond, welcome to the forum.

Does your computer has the USB2.0 port(s)?

Please pos the text output of Nero InfoTool log ( as text file attachment using the Manage Attachments button.

In addition to the above:

Windows XP Built in writing software will only write to CD, not DVD.

Try using Nero itself to do a test write. I think you may have to update it to the newest version to get it to work though.

If you attach any nero log, always check for and remove your keycode as nero has a habbit of placing it in your logs.

I had a very similar problem with my EW164B.
In my case there was a problem with other USB-devices connected to my computer. After unplugging all other USB devices, the EW164B worked without any problem.
So please try unplugging other USB device. If it works, you can plug them step by step to find the device, that causes the problem.

Thanks all for the replies. Didn’t realise that the writer required USB2.0 port to work. Installed USB2.0 driver to my notebook, the problem seems solved. Managed to backup into the dvd disc. But when I try restoring, the message “Scanning SCSI/IDE bus, please wait…” appear again and stay there until I unplugged the usb connection from the computer. However, when I reconnect the usb connection with the nero still running, I managed to carry out the restore of some files without problem. Will try later with all other usb devices disconnected and see what will happen.

Thanks again for all your prompt and informative replies.

BTW, how to one check that the usb ports in the computer is 2.0?

There should be other ways but while you’re on the subject, download and install Nero CD-DVD Speed, put a disc (non-blank) in your drive, select your drive in Nero CD-DVD Speed and Select Run Test - Burst Rate (or press F6). If you have USB 2.0 you will get at least 22MB/s (to burn at 16x you need 24 MB/s).