Benq EW162i error after flashing

I had a Benq EW162I which I bought months ago. It has the firmware of 47O9. I found on the net that there is a 47P9 firmware which I downloaded and flashed it. I find this firmware not suitable for my drive and I got error while burning disc/benchmarking the drive. I posted this question @ other forum and someone suggested me to flash Benq DW1620’s firmware. I am just wondering, will it works?

Benq DW1620(Internal) firmware -> Benq EW162I(External) drive?

I got this error after i burn with DVD+R 8x Fujiflim TY02 i think…=/ before this disc I did burn another disc with the same media on 47O9… nothing went wrong…

This error I had it when I did benchmarking/disc quality check… :sad:

What kind of “error”? Explain or post a burn log output.

Have you tried to reflash the drive with 47P9 firmware.
Edit. Or maybe revert to older firmwares.

IMO 479 to B79 is not a good step to take while it might slow down your burns. With external firmware this drive has much faster bus speed, UDMA-3 compared to 1620’s UDMA-2.

. EDIT: I am sorry I thought you were using TYG02 but you are not, the Yuden 000-T02-000 should buen great in that drive, maybe you could try 47N9.

hmm… i thought ew162i firmware is starting from 479 ? B79 i thought is for dw1620/dw 1640?? Old firmware will decrease the dvd burner performance…?

Ew162i can flash with dw1640/20 firmware???

what firmware will you recommend then? thanks…

Thanks for posting pic showing error (after I answered). :wink:

47*9 = BenQ EW 162I firmwares

B7*9 = BenQ DW 1620 firmwares

1620 can be flashed with 162I firmware and vice versa. They can’t be flashed with 1640 firmwares though.

Do as suggested by alan1476. Also try other media and connect the burner to other compu to make sure there isn’t any problems on your lappy.