BENQ EW162I 47N9 and Samsung SN-324F U200 RPC1

Hey guys,

I have had my Samsung SN-324F (U200) running nicely on RPC1 for quite a while now. I just picked up a BENQ external EW162i (47N9) but for some reason when i try to flash it to RPC1 it does not work (the flash completes succesfully but after a reboot of the laptop and the drive it still appears to be locked under DriveRegion Info along with the Samsung drive appearing locked). Tried CDVINFO and it only shows the Samsung drive as being present and region free.

I tried to flash it while the Samsung drive was disabled but it made no difference. While the BENQ is plugged in my Samsung drive will not function as RPC1 (it does if i unplug it).

What can I do to have both of my drives running on RPC1?