BenQ EW 1621 Not Working - Pls Help

Hi, My BenQ EW 1621 external DVD-ROM drive stopped working.

It was working fine for importing CDs into iTunes. Then suddenly it stopped working with iTunes. I put a CD in, and iTunes doesn’t start importing.

Now, it has stopped working alltogether, and my computer hangs up when I startup with the drive connected. I have an Intel Celeron M with 910 GML chipset. I can’t find a BenQ driver for it, after spending hours googling. It has a windows installed a driver automatically. I have the CD that came with the drive, but it does not contain drivers.

Maybe it isn’t the driver at all. It’s strange that the drive was working perfecly and then stoped working. Please help me! Thanks in advance to anyone who can.

Remove the case and install the drive as an internal unit to see if it is still working?? Take one step at a time. I suspect it is the external case that has problems

(by the way, if you have cypress chip for your USB enclosure, it is not fully compatable with BenQ drive)

Hi, Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, I can’t do that. It is an external drive, so I bought it with the enclosure, all made by BenQ. I have a laptop, so I can’t use it internally. I guess I could try a different enclosure. I thought they were just boxes though.

I bought it while I was in Argentina and brought it back to Cda and put a 110v plug on it (Argentina uses 220v). I don’t think it’s that b/c the transformer accepts inputs of 100-240v 50-60Hz, 1A. We use 110v in Cda, and 50 or 60 Hz , I don’t know about the amps, but I don’t think that’s the problem.

Something happened to the drive, though, because it was working fine, then stopped working w itunes, then alltogether, so it seems to have broken. I guess that sounds electrical. The thing is, it is working fine on its own, tray comes in and out, it seems to be reading, so it doesn’t seem broken.

Bottom line, I guess, the drive is probably busted. Unless anyone can suggest something, I suppose I have to take it to someone to have it fixed.

It’s not a driver issue, then b/c I cant find BenQ driver?

I’ve read that itunes software can cause conflicts with other software that’s installed on a computer. Have you installed any other burning software lately? Also there’s no driver needed for the external drive. Check your usb settings in device manager before you decide to take the external drive to get fixed.

do you have the firewire route?? if you do, try that connection. USB/BenQ and external enclosure is a problematic thing that happens to many folks with BenQ drives. Firewire uses different chip and thus no compatability issues. I had the same problems with BenQ 1620 and external enclosure. Windows recognized it, but never able to install the correct driver for it because of the chipset compatability. It worked intermittently till I have to switch to firewire route. (I used external firmware on my BenQ 1620) so it wasn’t the firmware issue)