BenQ DW830A and Philips DVDRW885K

I have some questions :slight_smile: . I would like to by the BenQ 830 but near me is impossible to find. I can purchase the Philips (retail with DL media included) since is available in my local store. Is it possible to “transform” the Philips in the BenQ (via a hacked firmware) to obtain the DVD-R/-RW support? Or does the Philips also support -R/-RW via a free firmware upgrade? I know that the 2 drives are “twins” but which firmware (Philips/BenQ) perform better on DVD media?

The 830 doesnt support dvd-r/rw writing yet.

As for Philips 885K, I do not have any idea.

Maybe the Model name is different from that sold in Taiwan,


BenQ DW830A and Philips DVD8421 is actually identical!!

How can you be sure about that? Anyone flashed a Philips with the 830a firmware ???

I flashed the Philips DVDRW885 with the latest firmware P1.8 (in fact it is a switching firmware tool between P1.7 and P1.8 as P1.8 does not support DL).
Here it is: