(Benq DW822A) How fast?

Just wondering how fast this drive should be. When I make an iso of some 600mb it usually takes some 20 minutes. I have a feeling it worked faster before, before updating to the latest firmware. Is that possible? How can I check? also how can I check if I have the latest pxengine (RecordNow 7.22).
All tips, ideas, tricks are most welcome!
Processor: 2,4 celeron
Ram: 1GB

Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, it should be above 20 MB/sec.
Check your DMA settings.

Thanx ala42, much appreciated! Downloaded and tested and the result is: under 20MB. It looks like (attachment). Hope you can read something from it because I’m clueless! DMA is activated.

Save the image as .png next time. Is this 18 MB/sec or 13 MB/sec ? Also recheck this with a DVD just to be shure.

Thats 18MB. The DVD looks as follows:

This is as good as it gets…

The 822A is only an 8X burner and requires 11,080KB/s in order to burn at 8X.
@ 19MB/s, if your drive was faster, you could burn at 12X (16,620KB/s).

Thanks, 99% cpu usage at 8x though, isn’t that a bit high?

Please remember your are using a 2.4GHz Celeron Processor. It’s not a P4 with a large cache. So you are using all your CPU. I’m on a P4 2.8GHz laptop with a good size cache and I get 48% reported back via Nero.

Well to my knowledge “CPU usage” is only a “synthetic” value and has nothing to do with real CPU usage in any way… :wink:

Don’t worry LennartII, your CPU is poweful enough for all your burning activity right now. Lycka till ( sw. for good luck) :smiley:

Thanx guys and Tack skall du ha Pinto!