BenQ DW822A - B3LC-2 Firmware with DVD+R DL


I upgraded my [internal] BenQ DW822A to B3LC-2 firmware.
Using CloneDVD2 v2.8.5.1 I tried twice to make a copy using RiDATA DVD+R Double Layer (2.4x) (8S06RDA002001) disks.

Both times the program copy up to 50%, then (I suspect when it has to begin copying the second layer) it stops and gives me a ‘write error’ in the log window. Of course rendering my 4u$s blank DVD useless. To expensive to keep trying.

I use the same program/version (CloneDVD2) with my laptop and a USB external LACIE (_NEC DVD±RW ND-6500A) DVD-DL writer with no problem at all. It copies both layers like a charm and works flawlessly.

Any thoughts? Does somebody has the same problem with this BenQ/firmware? Should I go back to version B3JCY-2 ‘switched’ version? (I never tried this version with DL).

Thanks in advance,

Ritek +DL media is pretty bad, use Verbatim instead.

See my post here from me. Excellent burn for DL.

Thanks fro the advice.
Fortunatelly I bought only a couple of Ritek ad they still work with my other Sony DL burner. Next time I’ll buy Verbatim.