BenQ DW822A - B3JC Firmware Is Released

I read that the latest 1620 firmware was just released so I thought I’d check on the 822, lo and behold, it is also released:


Thanks for the link Psiphere

Release Reasons:

  1. Improve the writing quality of VIVA 8x DVD+R media.
  2. Modified the writing strategy for DVD-R media.

Isnt the Dual layer update supposed to be tommorow?

It’s NOT the Dual Layer update…

It’s just corrects a few issues

Yes, it certainly does not look like the Dual Layer update. Just B3JC, make your B3IC that much better :slight_smile:

Improves DVD-R writing, er… well, changes that ‘strategy’, so may or may not improve, I know a few people have been looking for that though.

Would they release a Dual Layer one a day after releasing this? Is it safe to assume Dual Layer will be delayed and perhaps this is to hold us off? (I know assuming is bad, just a guess, I don’t actually know…)

I heard dual layer may be delayed to mid October. Someone mention this in the official BenQ forum thread that they got an email from tech support.

Another 15 days to go. I don’t know how I should do that…
Maybe with the help of alcohol or even harder stuff. I wanted to get a new girlfriend stating that I own a DL-Burner. And now what ??!!!

I think your user name say it all!! :wink:


So the DL support is held off for another 15 days? AGHHH… why do they have to advertiser Sept 30th, 2004 back in June and not hit that date. I have been waiting forever for the update.

I just emailed BenQ Tech Support regarding Dual Layer support, waiting for them to answer my inquiry…

Just noticed that there are two B3JC firmwares posted at BenQ - hmmm, anybody downloaded them and checked the differences already?

yep the latest posted is the dual layer firmware switch. Testin it now.

The official 822a DL firmware showed up today!

Firmware (B3JCX)
Release Date:

「Release Reason:

  1. Support DVD+R DL writing (support DVD-R/RW writing by firmware switch) 」

Check it on Benq firmware download page.

I tested out the -R firmware changes by burning a -R ProDisc. Not only was it unreadable in my Philips 642 set top player (as was B3IC before) but it is now unreadable on my LiteOn burner as well (which worked fine before). The Prodisc -R is however readable on the BenQ drive itself, and CD Speed shows reasonable errors.

So my take is that the -R support appears WORSE with this latest release.

Well, BenQ kept its promise and offered the free Dual Layer support on time, good job BenQ! :iagree:
Regarding the dvd-r support: I don’t really care about it, as long as DW822 does the dvd+r media like a champ! :cool:

I am curious since I have no problem burning -R (cheapo 4X) and playing them on either my Philips 642 or Apex 1500.

Windows XP
AMD Barton 2500 overclock to 3200
Nforce drivers including thier IDE drivers
822 as secondary Master (B3IC)

Does the B3JCX support 8MB cache or 2 MB cache?

Only 2MB, I sent a mail to Benq DVD support and I wait for a answer


What burning program do you use? I’m currently using an older version 5.5 of Nero, but I’ve heard rumblings from this forum that perhaps it is somehow related to the 822 -R issues. I also tried it with Record Now Max (I think) and had similar issues - but there has to be some reason why this works for you and not for me…

not true
what they promised was a dl capable firmware not switch
so they delivered partialy read other thread on this matter. I think Killme’s theory is right on