BENQ DW822A and nero not liking each other

This is a somewhat weird problem. I dont know if it can be fixed right now other than a burner replacement. I have a BenQ DW822A and I updated to the lateest BenQ firmware B3IC. I can use two burning programs one is Nero and CopytoDVD 3.0.31.

I get no problems whatsover from CopytoDVD does great burns everytime. However, with nero the opposite results. When I try to burn a cd at high burn speed or a DVD disc, XP suddenlty dumpt and crashes with the dreaded BSOD. I’ve tried redoing my OS to see if it were the nforce IDE drivers fault. It was also doing this with nero

What’s funny is that my friend has the same board as I do, the MSI Neo Platinum and we both have similar PSU’s and his nero works fine, but he does not have a BenQ drive. His setup works fine and he does not have the nero issues I have.

Why nero gives me these issues and not CopytoDVD is beyond me, unless it’s something nero doesn’t like.

I do have Service Pack 2 for XP.

My question(s) for you is:

  1. Is my burner going south
  2. Something not right with the setup, UDMA is enabled and not PIO mode
  3. Can anything be done to fix my problem?

here’s some things to try:

  • disable the XP native burning program - CP - admin services - IMAPAI

  • don’t use Smartstart, disable any “startup” nero programs with smartstart, or INCD (reboot) and just use Nero Express

  • if you have a nvidia board roll back your drivers to the MS IDE drivers

  • try Nero reloaded 6.6, it installed over my 6.20 version without any problems or asking for new serial, it’s 80MG but downloads from this site in 4 mins

  • make sure your jumper is set correctly on your burner and if it’s a slave or sharing try unsharing it on the IDE and making it the master only

that’s off the top of my head …

Got the updated nero same thing. So I decided to increase the pagefile to 3000-4000 which is more than twice my system memory (1GB). Same thing. So I loaded up the fail safe defualts, adjusted a few values which weren’t any different than what I had before and now I did two straight burns with no problems. I think it could be memory timings on the memory that was off. But seems to work now.

You can test your RAM by running MEMTEST86 overnight.

You may also want to try completely removing Nero by uninstalling it and then using Nero Clean Tools, rebooting and then installing the latest version again…

I too seems to have a problem with my benq 822a. i went through all recent firmware but everytime i start my machine, it won’t go into windows. I had to reset to get into windows. When, i took out the 822, everything is fine. My benq sometimes can no longer boot winxp disk or in that case any disk. It even got problem with cd burning. DVD works fine tho. When I try to boot cds, it will go into blank screen after detecting boot cd and no response from my keyboard. ctrl+alt+del do not work. It was good before but after 4 months, this drive is going haywire. Although I did use it alot ie. i gone through 50+ dvds and 50 or so cds and some cd and dvd rewritables. It got 1 year warrenty, i will switch to any liteon if i can get them to exchange.

by the way, my tray seems to be stuck because it makes this horrible cracking sound going in. It seems earlier dw822a and dw800a is better built. my friend’s dw800a got this foam that prevent the tray from slamming when closing the tray. A lot of dw1610 users who bought drive from futureshop are returning due to bad quality and quality problems. I got this drive because of 8mb buffer and DL firmware, which came out half assed from benq and benq global server is unstable when download firmware, it’s so slow. :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

I use to have a benq 48x writer which cause my cd to explode and burns coasters with high quality Fuji Taiyo Yuden cds. I should have learn my lesson but i gave Benq another chance and it failed me again. Will not touch a Benq/Acer associating drive again.