BenQ DW800A Write troubles

I have a BenQ DW800A which has worked how its supposed to for a few months, but now i purchased some Princo-R 1-4 speed and ThatsWrite-R discs.

I have the writer with upgraded firmware, so it should be able to burn -R discs, but everytime i want to burn a disc ( either data or dvd copy ) it cant burn.

Can any1 help me?

Thanks in advance,


I have an 800A that I updated to the dual firmwares.
The drive only ever sucessfully burned a G04 disc.
Anytime after that whenever I inserted a -R disc it would never be recognized.
I tried repeatedly over time with multiple firmwares, no change.
I resigned the drive to +R only (it’s original design).
It is an excellent +R writer.

And +r does exactly the same as -r ??