BenQ DW800A to dual format?possible?

I’ve heard that it is possible to upgrade a BenQ DW800A DVD+RW into dual format (+/-) thru some firmware upgrade. Saw the firmware at BenQ’s page ( and they are charging US$10 for it. Wonder does anyone knows bout this and have tried it before?
Would really like to heard from someone who have tried it before I do so myself. Thank you.


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Hallo Lyssa,

after LiteOn 811s now i’m an owner of the benq dw800a.
I’ve flashed the benq from the +firmware b2i7 over the dual firmware b3b7 (from the url that you know) to the newest firmware b3d7. This firmware enables the writing of 4x DVD-R.
The writing quality of the benq is more excellent than the Lite On especially wrting of DVD +R.

If you want the benq in an external case it could be that with the new firm firewire access is not possible.

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Very good results with my BenQ.

hello there

I look over for the firmware & I could not find it

can you post it or tell where to find it

The link is given in the first post - it’s a pay-for firmware that costs US$10. Make sure you read the instructions before buying.



I tried to pay but in credit card confirmation my country is not listed
any solution

Which country do you live?

I know in Europe you can contact their service center, but not sure for some other country.

Hello all,

I recently bought a DW800A to use with a Vipower External box (VP-6228V) USB2.0 . I had some problems reconizing both device. Now the cable+box it's ok but the drive shows up as an USB mass storage device. Since Benq doesn´t have drivers for Windows XP, it may be because of the firmware? 

My model is B2F7, so i guess i need some firmware updates. Wich ones do I need? In what order?

sorry for the trouble and thank you in advance.

If you can normally pay internationally with your credit card account, there should not be any problem. Usually up to the ability of the credit card issuer.

Hi Guys,
Anyone having External Troubles should read the threads concerning this issue. BenQ is very picky on the ChipSet used in External Enclosurers. Some work - some don’t !!!
It also depends on Firmware version: some work - some don’t !!!
I have a BenQ DW822A (B3HC) working in both Firewire & USB using Prolific ChipSet.


I’ve just updated the ChipSet from intel…
I’ve contacted Benq support and told me not to upgrade the firmware to dual, because it might bring some problems with external enclosure, but I still have the B2F7. Do you know any firmware that i can install?
About the threads: have link?


OK !!! - Here’s what I know…
It sounds like you have a DW800A with B2F7 firmware. I don’t have any testing on B3x7 firmware. I can tell you that the original B3BC firmware for the DW822A does work with the following ChipSets (InSystem, Abi, Cypress).

The Newer firmware (B3EC, B3HC, B3IC) works in a Polific ChipSet case in both USB & Firewire configurations. B3HC didn’t work in InSystem & Cypress cases.

You could use the 800@822 hack & see what happens…
That the best I can give you…

Give BenQ a call. They usually give you the firmware upgrade for free.

call 866-600-2367 for tech support.