BenQ DW800A to 822 success/experience?

Hi guys:

I have successfully upgraded the firmware for my BenQ DW800A to 822 to version B3JCY-2 and then to B3KC so it’s now able to support both +r/-r at 8x and dual layer at the same time.

One thing, when I burn +r disk at 8x, it took about 30 min (it used to take 8 min). Also, using dvd shrink to encode a dvd movie took 1 1/2 hour where it took about 30 min before.

Any suggestion or idea why this is or how to fix it? Thanks!

By the way, when I burn dvd +r disk at 8x under nero 6.3 it shows it’s burning at 8x & the time left is about 7 min, but at the end of 8 min, it kept burning till about 30 min.

Moving to the BenQ/Philips subforum.

Be sure to check DMA and make sure that it is enabled.

I believe B3KC firmware is a major compromise, and quality suffers as a result. There just wasn’t enough room to properly fit all the write strategies into the available firmware, and so the compromise.

My recommendation is to run the B3JCY-2.EXE file to back out the B3KC firmware upgrade.

If you only burn +R media, configure B3JCY for dual layer/+R mode of operation, since I believe that it will give you better +R burns.

Thanks! I suspected it was the dma as well & checked. for some strange reasons, it was set to off. Changed back & it seems to work fine now.