BenQ DW800A - Reset Issue



Hello all fellow Netizens…

I have a Benq DW800A DVD Burner. I have had quite a bit of problems with it. I have upgraded several versions of the firmware. In my reflashing of the drive I seem to have lost the ability to burn DVD-R’s. DVD+R’s are OK. Is there a way to factory reset the drive back to factory specs ie. the version of the firmware it shipped with? I understand this is quite general information. But any assitance would greatly be appreciated…

Thank You


This is probably the page were your solution can be found,


Sorry about askings such a NUUB question. It flashed the firmware in SAFEMODE…no problems… All is good again…


No need to aplogize, we’ve all had to pass the learning stadium.
Glad to hear your drive is function well now. :wink: