Benq DW800A Firmware

Benq no longer has the BA37 Firmware available. Does anyone know where I might find it?

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You’ll find DW800A firmwares here.

I keep getting this link but the download links on this page are dead. Much sadness for me… :sad:

Who can use search is in advance. :wink:

I realise that these links are pretty easy to find. But I would really like it if someone could point me to a link that isn’t dead. I have already talked to BenQ about this firmware and pointed out that their link is dead. I have tried all of the really obvious ones. Including those just posted here. But I just can’t seem to access them. Is everyone else able to get the B3A7 firmware through these links? It doesn’t come up as dead until I click on the Paydual link. Thanks alot in advance.

please help me to find a free full version of benq dw800 b3c7 firmware

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This firmware is available at the fine working link posted above by chef.