BenQ DW800a firmware

i am having real big problems with the firmware. i went to the site and found some updates, tried em, didnt work. I used the firmware checker, and it said i have the XX26 firmware. My comp doesnt read it as a BenQ, its a ATAPI 8x/4x/12x.
any help on how to fix this would be appriciated.

Sounds like you have OEM firmware. If you want to flash to Retail firmware, download a CVT and WINDWFLASH. I would confirm that the drive is really a rebadged or OEM BenQ drive before flashing - I’ve not heard of your particular firmware revision!

How would i find out if it was a redbadged or OEM BenQ??

If this is your problem…it’s not. That is how this drive is seen and reported. I have one. :slight_smile: