BenQ DW800A & DVD-R



OK, this one is really on my nerves because the BenQ support is acting deaf!! :frowning: Bought this because of the very good marks it got in the german C’t mag when it came to errors on resulting discs.

We tape weddings, proms and graduations and produce DVDs using a Panasonic DMR-HS2 stand-alone recorder. We bought the DW800A to quickly duplicate the DVD-R to either +R or -R, depending on what the client wants. But this dumb thing will NOT read the DVD-R created by the Panasonic machine, some files read OK, but most give a “read error”. Regular DVD players though play them just fine and my Sony DRU500A duplicates them without a gripe.

I upgraded the DW800A to the latest publicly available +/- firmware (B3C7) but to no avail. The funny thing is, it’ll read purchased DVDs just fine, but one ain’t supposed to duplicate those

Any ideas? I’m stuck with useless hardware and the graduation/wedding season is starting!



I found that the drive was very picky about DVD-Rs, especially if using the DVD+RW only firmware. When using the DVD±RW firmwares DVD-R reading improved quite abit. If you tried B7 and C7 without good results, maybe you should try D7.


Thanks! I’m going to this right now, I finally found the D7 on Emule, couldn’t find it anywhere on the net :frowning: But from what I hear, it doesn’t make as good results in burning and some some bugs.

Since they’re busy working on the DW822 and up, they’re probably never going to release a fully functioning +/- firmware ever again for this burner. Too bad… Sony has much better support…

Any hints on what I could replace the DW800A with? I bought it because we tape weddings, proms and graduations and other public events, then produce DVD-R using a Panasonic DMR-HS2 and finally need something to quickly duplicate these to either +R or -R. We chose the DW800A because of it’s outstanding burn results and bitsetting capability whic we figured would cause the least trouble on DVD players.


Benq DW800A +/- firmwares (B3…) are beta versions and still buggy…
Try to use latest + only firmware (B2J7).
I also have problems with reading some -R,-RW discs with B3D7 and B3C7 firmwares. Switching back to + only B2J7 firmware really helps me.
Also you may bought good DVD-ROM (LiteOn or Toshiba) for reading of your -R discs.


OK, first I tried with B3D7 = negative, won’t read the DVD-R made by Panasonic burner. It reads the ones made by my DRU500A just fine, but that doesn’t help.

So I flashed it with B2J7 and then it reads the DVD-R just fine for playback, but if I try to copy, it aborts and then I have to reboot in order to read any more discs, the drive seems to crash internally.

So either way, I’m going to try as hard as I can to return it because this thing is unfinished JUNK!!! I figured there was something fishy about a $118 +/- burner, now I know why!

I’m gonna try to find a DRU510A…

About using other DVD-ROM to just READ them. Well, I would, but the PC it’s in only has one slot for a drive, so…


Did you make sure your jumper is set right? I assume master and plug into the end of the cable. Did you try a different ribbon cable? Also is this a store bought computer or a home brew? You could also use the Q-video and record through your computer and not the Panny (although you shouldn’t have to do that).


Yep, master ist set correct, cable is the one that came with it :wink: There ain’t no mistakes there :wink:

It works just fine with the + only firmware, so I know it’s not the hardware but simply the +/- firmware. Either way, bought a Lite-On 812S to replace it, had good marks too in the same C’t test so I hope that does the trick.