BenQ DW1800 to LH18A1P

I flashed my 18A1P to a DW1800, I didn’t think it would remove my light scribe abilities. It did, is there a way to flash back or enable light scribe on the DW1800?

Crap I’m not even sure the 18A1P even supports LS! I did manage to flash it back to a 18A1P though. How disappointing… none of my 5 writers support lightscribe…

cd pirate the 18A1H is the LS version. 18A1P is the non-LS version.

I could be wrong but the DW1810 is the LS version. The DW 1800 is the non-LS version.

Yes I figured that now lol. I might as well go and look for a proper BenQ drive which I can use for scanning DVDs and also CDs and do some LS. 1655 would be the go I think. :slight_smile: