BenQ DW1680 - How about this drive?

I’m aware there are other threads covering on the newest DW1800, but I haven’t seen and already searched that none have discussed about DW1680.

Anyone got this DW1680 drive and mind share it’s performance ? Linky here -> DW1680 Features and Specifications

TIA got some info, seems like it’s a DW1800 without the 12x RAM capability.

They all (DW1680, DW1800 & DW1805) should support DVD-RAM writing at 12x.

That info comes from BenQ Press Release and it’s mentioned in this thread.

What’s the difference then?

Taken from that press release:

The DW1800 and DW1680 offer 18x and 16x writing speed respectively and both feature BenQ’s exclusive SolidBurn technology and convenient QSuite application package. The DW1800 offers a fast DVD RAM writing speed of up to 12x, currently the fastest available on the market and supports both DVD+R and DVD-R Double Layer recording at 8x.

As they mention both drives when talking about 18x, 16x and all the other features, while only mentioning the DW1800 while talking about DVD RAM…

I’m just asking. :slight_smile:

That is why I posted this question, just curios, prolly without DVD-RAM, maybe … half prayin & guessing :smiley: , it is the last nexperia species from BenQ ?

It looks like an 18X Lite-On that has been cut back to 16X max recording. The specs do show it does 12X DVD-RAM.

just another liteon drive under a different firmware. I am surprised that under BenQ firmware, the drive performs better, I guess BenQ still keeping their firmware developing team