BenQ DW1680/DW1800/DW1810/DW2000/DW2010 FastBurn Firmware



BenQ DW1680/DW1800/DW1810/DW2000/DW2010 FastBurn Firmware
Official Thread

Here’s my first patch for the BenQ DW1680/DW1800/DW1810/DW2000 drive. FastBurn uses the higher burn RPM for 8x and 12x burning with both +R and -R media. Now the DW series can burn faster than the older model BenQ drives with 12x burning typically sub 6:30.

Please make sure you use the EEPROM Utility to make a backup of your EEPROM just in case. :wink:

What is FBL?
FBL is a less aggressive version of the FB firmware that burns a disc at 12x in about 6:40. This has proved to be a very good speed for 12x burning due to it’s improved quality and jitter.

What is ESB?
Enhanced Solid Burn uses a more sensitive Solid Burn, which increases in sensitivity towards the end of the burn, to ensure even better burn quality, while fast burning, overclocking or burning media at rated speeds.

Feel free to post scans here or in the drive’s normal scans and discussion thread. Please state that it was using FB/FBL firmware if you choose to use the normal scan thread.

DW1680 (RB33 FB): Download
DW1680 (RB36 FB): Download

DW1800 (ZB34 FB): Download
DW1800 (ZB35 FB): Download
DW1800 (ZB37 FB): Download

DW1810 (SB31 FB): Download

DW2000 (6B31 FB): Download
DW2000 (6B33 FB): Download
DW2000 (6B33 FB FBL ESB 6): Download

DW2000 (9B3B FB FBL): Download
DW2000 (9B3E FB FBL ESB III): Download
DW2000 (9B3E FB FBL ESB 6): Download

DW200S (UB32 FB): Download
DW200S (UB34 FB FBL ESB 6): Download

DW2010 (5B32 FB): Download
DW2010 (5B33 FB FBL ESB 6): Download

DW2050 (9B3A FB FBL ESB 6): Download

EW200G (6B43 FB FBL ESB 6): Download (DW2000 compatible)

Thanks to zevia for testing this firmware and providing these scans. :flower:


Another scan:


Thanks to you for this interesting work on the firmware. :flower:

As additional infos, both burns above use OverSpeed Off, SolidBurn disabled (known media), and WOPC Off.


I guess I’ll be crossflashing my LH-18A1P drive back to the ZB34B firmware to test it out. :bow: Thanks C0deKing and to Zevia for those scans!


is there a fast burn firmware for the dw2000 or liteon 20a1p?


Verbatim DVD-R 16x, MCC03RG20, Cakebox25, India
Burned at 12x
Burn time: 6:19
SB - off/on, WOPC - disabled
SmartBurn - disabled


Verbatim +R 8x
YUDEN000T02 @12x
OS, WOPC: enabled


Verbatim +R 8x
YUDEN000T02 @12x
OS: enabled
WOPC: disabled

OPC still activated although WOPC was disabled.


Thanks, Codeking! I’ll run out and get a 1800! :bow:


AOpen DSW1812P@BenQ DW1800
Ricoh +R 8x
RICOHJPN R02, burned @8


Awesome burns. :clap: I think you will find that when you over speed media, WOPC is turned back on automatically.


Fujifilm DVD-R 4x, Fujifilm02
Burnt at 12x
Burn time: 6:24
SB - off/on, OS - on, WOPC - enabled
Looks good for 300% overspeed


Thanks C0deKing for all your Great work. :bow:

MID: TDK-003 (DVD+R 591682) made in Europe
Type: DVD+R 1-16x rated
Burned with: CD/DVD Speed
Burned as: Create Disc
Burned at: 12x speed
Burntime: 6:16
Drive/Firmware: LH-18A1P@DW1800 /ZB34B_speedpatched.

Wish we could polish away 10-20 seconds on initial “calibration”. :smiley:
Now it takes ~42 seconds before burn.


Released ZB35 FastBurn firmware.

See the first post. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thanks C0deKing! :wink:


Wow… Fast Release for FastBurn Firmware… Thanks CodeKing! :slight_smile:


Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x
TYG02 8x
All Default :bow:


LH-18A1P@BenQ DW1800, ZB35FB
Verbatim DVD+R, T02, Cakebox25, MIJ, 8x@16x
Burn time - 5:51
SB - on/on, OS - on, WOPC - enabled
C0deKing thanks.


Thanks for this one C0deKing. :slight_smile:
Not that many 8x burns in my books but here is one.

MID: YUDEN000-T02 TG001158 (Fujifilm branded, old stock)
Type: DVD+R 8x rated
Burned with: CD/DVD Speed
Burned as: Create Disc, ISO image
Burned at: 8x speed
Burntime: 8:09
Drive/Firmware: LH-18A1P@DW1800 /ZB35_FB.


Released DW1680 RB33 FastBurn firmware.

See the first post. Enjoy! :slight_smile: