BenQ DW1670 & Nero 7 Premium



Hi All,

I own a BenQ DW1670 DVD burner. It works fines but I recently have a problem. It takes 1Hr to burn a standard 4.3GB data. The media I used was Sony DVD-R at 8X. It should not be so. The software I used was Nero 7 Premium.

What went wrong ? Initially I thought it was because the data was fed from an external HDD but it was so even when the data was on my c drive. I have upgraded the firmware and degraded the firmware but it is still the same.

Please help me.

Thanks and regards,

Michael Chia


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Check if DMA is enabled (see link in my signature). Sometimes Windows reverts in PIO mode without any warning for the user


thanks a bunch :slight_smile: it was in PIO mode…i have changed it back to DMA but have yet to try it out…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You can also test the drive speed with cd-dvd speed: run it, insert a disc (not a blank one), and then select Run test --> burst rate.


Pretty sure that was the case but why don’t try it to make sure the problem has been resolved.


yep…i have tried it…it works…thanks :slight_smile: PIO to DMA slove the problem…