BenQ DW1670 Issues



I’ve got a BenQ DW 1670, it came pre-installed in a new custom PC I had built.

In short, I’m having some serious issues with it. The PC recognizes that it is installed. It shows up on the device manager and appears to be working properly. However, It seems to have issues with seeking. I’ll put any CD in to it and it’ll spin up–but it won’t actually read the disk. The ONLY disk I’ve found that it reads is an old burned copy of Windows.

I’ve installed the latest firmware. I’ve played with jumpers. I’ve trolled multiple forums. So at last I ask the guru’s. What’s up, and how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance!


Same here. See my post below.


I have the exact same problem as you my friend.
I have replaced the IDE cable too and still the problem persists!
It may be something to do with the IDE connection on the mother board!
If so where pretty screwed!
Do any of your other drives work (if you have any other drives) ?


Yep, I have this same problem as well, and after contacting BenQ, they told me I would have to RMA it.
Of course I bought the drive in Singapore while on vacation, so BenQ in North America has refused to RMA it. so it looks like I’m stuck with a broken drive unless someone knows a way to fix it. :frowning:


Well, I managed to get the drive working and it appears that the DW1670 (or at least this particular drive) is very finicky about the quality of the IDE cable being used. I swapped an older cable that worked fine with my old Lite-On 48x CD-RW with a new Asus cable, and now everything seems fine.
Seeks are still a bit slower than the Lite-On, but I’m just happy that it reads. I still haven’t tried burning a CD/DVD, so I’ll give an update once I try that.