BenQ DW1670 DVD Burner Preview

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CDFreaks is happy to present a sneak preview of the BenQ DW1670 DVD writer. This new offering from the Taiwanese ODD powerhouse BenQ boasts the following write specifications: 5x DVD-RAM, 8x/6x DVD±R DL, 16x DVD±R, 8x/6x DVD±RW, 48x CD-R, 32x CD-RW. Take a look at this drive’s performance before it is even released!

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I dont know. First a Matsushita chipset in the DQ60 and now a Panasonic in the 1670? Like the saying goes, “If it aint broke dont fix it”!:c

Those Maxell +R16X media are trash!! Neither my Benq or Plextor 716 can burn them…:S So the problem is the media itself… Can wait for those babies burning on the forum!:*

the max write speed for -r9 is 6x, on the first site it says 4x. also it looks lik the 1633s produces the pif spikes in some scans, a newer firmware would be nice. overall a nice drive, but it’s too early to make any conclusion.

What about Quality Scans? It was a nice bonus for BenQ users.


Will all new BenQ drives be using a Panasonic chipset or will Philips eventually produce a new Nexperia chip that can support DVD-RAM?

very nice,mhhh panasonic in - dvd-ram burns out,nice,also “Auto BookType to DVD-ROM”. All in all for now B+

When should we expect the drive to be released? Anytime before Summer? Maybe earlier?

I didn’t use any Maxell +R16x media in this preview. The only Maxell media I used was the 5x DVD-RAM.

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Unknown at this time. Many have speculated that Philips might be against supporting the DVD-RAM format.

I would make a guess and say late April or early March. Of course this may vary depending on your location.

Same company mate. Matsushita is the parent of Panasonic, National, Technics.

i hope this will be out soon! When will we see a full review?:B

No 18x or 20x? :wink:

salam :slight_smile:

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