Benq dw1655

Is it worth buying at $80.98?
Is it good at burning/bitsetting?
Link To It

I payed $50 for my brand new 1655. It is a good burner, not a great one.

Would you say it is better than a TSSTcorp SH-S182m?

/edit/ This also comes with the enclosure.

I wouldn’t say its worth 81 dollars, but it is better than the SH-S182M. I have both and the 1655 burns better quality, plus does quality scanning better. The 1655 also does bitsetting better, the 182M has to be set each time you burn, the 1655 you set once and leave it. I do really love my BenQ 1650 and 1655’s more than any other burner I’ve used.

No I would not pay 81.00USD for one, even though I payed 99.99USD for the Plextor 760A and I think the BenQ DW1655 is just as good. If I had it to do all over I would not have bought the Plextor 760A either.:disagree:

I would say my LG H42N is a better burner. If you looking for good burner/scanner/light scripting drive, 1655 is the only choice.

This is my 2 cents.

I’m looking mainly for a burner so is there any other suggestions since I see most of you don’t think it is a good idea to purchase this one.

Is the Pioneer DVR-X122S6 any good?

Also I dont see Pioneer for bitsetting in the ImgBurn menu, so do Pioneers bitsett?

Metrock, if you are a scavengers like all of us in here, go to staples and try to find a 16X LS burner, high chance of getting a BenQ 1655 for around $45. If one staples does not have it, check out another nearby staples. Good Luck

In everyone’s opinion, what REALLY is the best burner?

you will get mix opinion for the absolute best burners. The burn quality varies on different media. So if you ask, the guy who only uses verbatim media only would say drive B, but if other user only uses TY media only would say Drive C…etc… you get my point, it is very subjective. Tell us what types of media you have or more likely to buy or which media is readily available in your area and are affordable, then we will suggest you a drive that does the good job on those media

There’s isn’t one. That’s why a lot of us have many burners.

My DW 1655 died… i got 4-5 LCD BenQ died also… in my opinion BenQ is crap.
Sorry to say that.

My BenQ DW1655 write about 50 DVD in six month and died, and my Plextor 712A write about 500 DVD and still work perfect.
I have another BenQ external, died also, in 3 month i think.

I have DW1640 died also…

You are really unlucky! I 've burned a few hundreds dvds with my DW1650 and about 100 quality scans with it. It still works without any problems.

Mostly ur Power Supply is Screwed Up :iagree: Benq Drives Are Sensitive to Faulty Power Supplies :iagree:

You are correct, BenQ drives perform alot better with a good PSU. This is just my opinion.:iagree:

I pretty much use Verbatims. Definitely DVD+R DL, and more often than not use Verbatims for single layer.

What are some of the best burners?

see if u can find 1640/50/55 :smiley:

Good Luck :iagree:

I’m not a noob, my computer is very good, power source is Tagan 550W with good amperages.

I have also an external BenQ, died also, on my laptop.
BenQ is crap.

May Be Benq Did not Like u :iagree: :bigsmile: