BenQ DW1655 won't burn at 16X

Hi Guys,

I have a BenQ DW1655 which is supposed to be able to burn DVD+R media at 16X. However, I seem to be unable to get it to burn any higher than 8X.

I am using Nero and the only write speed options available are 8X, 4X, and 2.4X. I am using TDK DVD+R media, and it says “8X Compatible and Higher” on the packaging.

Thanks for any help! And if you need me to provide any more information, just let me know!

-Jenn T. Umaka

Obviously the firmware for the 1655 limits this particular media to these speeds.

You could try using Benq’s Qsuite to enable overspeed. If you do this & burn them at 12 or 16x I’d suggest some disc quality scans after burning to check the quality.

Hi Tim,

I’m a bit confused, if the firmware limits the speed to 8X, why is the drive advertised as being able to burn DVD+R’s at 16X? Or are you saying that that DVD+R discs I bought just can’t be burned above 8X? (even though they say ‘8X Compatible and Higher’)?

Thanks for helping to clear this up!
-Jenn T. Umaka

That’s what he means. :iagree:

Download DVDIdentifier, and post here the mediacode of the disc. Most probably these are 8X discs despite what’s written on the package, the mediacode will allow to determine this. The sentence itself (“or higher”) is suspect, I wonder if these are genuine TDK-branded discs.

The TDK discs that I have seen are either in the USA are either 8X or 16X. Only the Verbatim 8X have advertized that the discs can be burned at 12X with somes firmwares and burners. I have only seen 8X+ TDK CMC discs and the dash are TTG-02 Taiwan for both.

In Europe, TDK 8X can be:

+R: MBIPG101R04, TDK002, YUDEN000T02
-R: TTG02, TTH01 (scarse in regular line, TTH01 is for the scratchproof discs mainly), I’ve seen one report of a CMC MID but the report was unclear…

Most 8X TDK-branded media has disappeared from the shelves here (France), there are only 16X discs and the ones I’ve tried were TDK003 (+R) and TTH02 (-R).