BenQ DW1655 Wire Issue, Help!

I just installed a new BenQ DW1655 BLK in one of my Computers and when I wen to install the sound line to it there was no pins in the hole only excepts Digital line what do I do and or where do I get one. Damn thing did not come with it! :doh:
Please any help is great cant make copies with it without it I think!LOL

Any and all help loved!
Jenni :flower:

no need if you’re running 2000/XP as it does it digitally via the IDE cable :slight_smile:

Are you sure would hate to make a coaster lol! :slight_smile:
Thanks Jenni

dont worry, that has nothing to do with burning

So am I correct then that the sound wire to the Recorder is then just for play back?
Thanks for the info. Jenni :flower:

Yes it’s only there for playback of audio CDs, but it is not needed in WIN XP as already mentioned

That does even work with good old Win98SE :slight_smile: