BenQ DW1655 vs LiteOn SHM-165H6S

Hello People,
I’m sorry i had to post this threat. After reading the 6 pages avalible here, i didnt find anything coparing these 2 drives.

I mainly need the Drive for Ripping and Burning Movies (in Single Layer Disks) Also for watching them with the same drive (from time to time)
I need Quality Over Speed please. I dont care if it takes ages :wink:

Please suppose they both cost the same. And i really find LightScribe a nice feature i would like to have. If u have an other candidate that feeds my needs, please let me know (Price < $50)

But for now, im between:

BenQ DW1655
LiteOn SHM-165H6S

Thank you very much for your help.

I would go for the Lite-On SHM-165H6S

I don’t think there is much between them in Quality or Speed!

The Pioneer 111 can’t do LightScribe but it’s a very burner. :slight_smile:

They are both excelent drives!!! The liteon is a little bit more quiet (although the benq is also quiet). The benq is a better ripper. If you want fast rip with the liteon you would have to flash it with a test firmware (see thread in Liteon forum).
I have both a 1650 and a 160P6S (which are the same without lightscribe) and I have to say I enjoy my 160P6S better than my 1650 … but still like my Philips 1648 over all of them!!!

I also have a 1650 and 160P6S and enjoy my 160P6S better than my 1650 but I like my Pioneer 111 the best. :slight_smile:

So it means you have to chose between a philips 1648 or a Pio 111 :stuck_out_tongue: and forget about the lightscribe.

You can compare these three companies with these links and see that BENQ is the best when it comes to the quality of burning.
Benq , Pioneer , Liteon

and how many firmware revisions have passed since the review?

So on what should we base our decision except on these reviews? ordinary people are no experts so there is no other way.

Like I said, I don’t own a Pio (and never will) but I own two benqs (if you consider my philips as a Benq it makes three) and three Liteon (see my sig). I really loved my old 1620 (compare to the same generation of other drives), but was not charmed by the Benq 1650 performances. I realy like my Philips 1648, so I can assume that I would have loved a Benq 1640.
I got my sony a month ago and flashed it to Liteon 160P6S. All I can say that it is a very very good drive.
If you keep asking this kind of advices, you will get totally mixed up as today’s drive are all about as good as each others when it comes to performances. It is just a mater of luck, taste, and applications.
My advice: Benq 1655, Liteon 165H6S … get the one that look nice onto your computer, and the cheaper to you.

hahaha Thanx guys, so many mixed opinions.
What i can see from here is that they both are great, and i should get just the first i can between those 2.

I dont really want to put the LightScribe apart. I find it sooo great! i’m waiting for the 4 Color Lightscribe to be released so i jump on one of those drives too!

I Think i’m getting the LiteOn them. I own 3 cdrw from them, and they never failed. But i wasn’t sure because i’ve read that the dvd burners are a different Story.

I’ll do fine with the Liteon. Right?


Yes you will do just fine with the Lite-On 6S drives as long as you use quality media such as Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or several others high quality media. In fact most new burners today will do just fine with quality media.

Anyone found a really great price on a Liteon 160P6S? NewEgg is one place to check, sure, but just wondering if anyone knew of any bargains in the U.S. offhand. Also, what seems to be the best f/w with it? I get the f/w’s confused between this one and the LS model. :stuck_out_tongue:

$39.95 at this store in Canada.:bigsmile: One would think you could find a better deal in the US.:wink:

Thanks, crossg (and good to be back so I can see you, too)! :slight_smile: I will try to check on which f/w seems to burn best on it, too. Just saw a post by Jamescooley saying this model doesn’t burn a - media well?

Edit, yes, he’s had some trouble with this model (SHM-165H6S) on burning tyg02, it seems

Seeker, thanks for the links on BenQ (1655) and LiteOn (165H6s). CDRInfo rated the BenQ as the better reader to the Liteon, curiously…

[o/t] found the SHW-160P6S at Newegg, although there were 3 models with slightly different numbers. I’m thinking the end numbers indicated the bezel colors, but couldn’t tell, as two were black, but had end numbers of “03” and “04” Was it for the bezel colors and that’s it? :confused:

Just got a 165H6S it will not burn -r media and just RMA’D a 1635S yesterday for the same problem!

[o/t] Sorry to hear that, James, and I read your post. Was this just a “dying” issue, or was it after a recent f/w upgrade? :confused:

Add: IDE interface problem? did it give you a specific error message?

upgraded to HSOD but backed up the fw it came with HS07 I think, it did not burn -r so I restored EEPROM that did not work, do not know if EEPROM util. or Smartburn would have caused this, the 1635 stopped burning -r media after I cleared (worked just fine for 1 month)learned media but I had used this feature before and never had a problem using EEPROM util. or smart burn to clear opc history or learned media, problem exists with USB and IDE interface but I should be cryin the blues over at the Lite-On thread.

so what is the different between these 03, 04, 05 models on the Lite-On 160PS?


the color