BenQ DW1655: ULTRA FAST 60x “CD-R” Reader!

Enjoy, giving comments etc.

impressive, this drive seems to have a lot of power. was the disc burnt with the same drive?

Hui, and even overburnt in size…

Guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

GigaRec 1.3x on the new PX-755 drive from the §review, or an older PX-712/716?

overburnt 99min disc?! :cool:

Credit goes to Jan70 for discovering another amazing feature of BenQ DW1655: a 60x peak “CD-R” reader! :clap:

Image 1: Snapshot of the 60x peak Transfer Rate Test
Image 2: Full Transfer Rate Test graph, with the average speed of 44x
Image 3: All data is readable by the DW1655

Wow, seems to be a candidate for my next drive purchase.

pledging some mo’


Maybe it is time to describe what was done here?

The user DrageMester already mentioned what was done. :clap:

A normal CD-R 80 min/700 MB disc, recorded with the Plextor PX-712SA by using the GigaRec 1.3x technique.

The BenQ 1655 seems to be an awesome GigaRec reader as i.e the Plextor PS-712SA only reads this GigaRec media at max 8x. Meaning the BenQ reads the media over 10 minutes faster.

PS! At the time being it is not known or confirmed, if the reported readback speed or RPM is correctly reported or not, as the RPM tends to be a bit high. :confused:

Below a picture of the same disk read back in the Plextor PX-712SA.

Since Jan70 already unleashed the secret… :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I cannot do a complete quality scan with the disc as Nero CD-DVD Speed only supports 2 digits minutes, ie up to 99 minutes, thus cannot go over 100 minutes. Also it looks like the read speed “dips” appear only while scanning not when doing transfer rate test. Hopefully Erik will take a look at these issues.

AFAIK the drive can not report the RPM, so cdspeed has to calculate it from the variable data rate, disk position and fixed data density in track direction of the media. The higher density written by GigaRec has the same impact as a higher RPM from the cdspeed point of view.

Wow. That’s a neat feature for the 1655 to have, as I’ve yet to use Gigarec–precisely because it would only be guaranteed to be readable on a Plextor drive. I might ‘test’ a CD-R and see if my 1640 will read it, just out of curiosity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious too :iagree:

My 1620/1640 won’t read the gigarec disc.


zevia, do you think that is due to an hardware or to a firmware difference? I mean that 1640 can’t read whereas 1655 can?

Has you test the BenQ DW1650? Does the DW1650 can reach ULTRA FAST 60x “CD-R” Reader?

Could a benq 1655 actually rec a gigarec disc? If it can track the denser paths for reading, I imagine it could for recording as well.