BenQ DW1655 set to Region 0?

Ok, no idea how I have done this but for some reason when I go to queiry my drive it states it is set to region 0.

Upto this point I have not inserted any region coded disc and had always been using backups and copying my poorly copied discs to new media.

It does not really affect me as I USE AnyDVD but I would like either region free (not possible till new firmware and DB hacks it) or to change the code to region 2.

Anyone know of any utility to change the region code as I cant play most R2 discs currently without AnyDVD

Hi :slight_smile:
If you exit AnyDVD, then control panel > system > system properties > hardware > device manager > DVDRW of your choice > properties > DVD region, you can then set region (whatever country your in/want). Personally I don’t bother & have never needed to.
Edit: Just ran through the process myself & it looks like you don’t have to exit AnyDVD to set region.
BTW qwakrz, I know I could’ve said goto device manager etc without steps. But maybe someone else is looking at this too.

understandable about listing the how to step by step. :wink:

Ok, I think this may come up again as the drive should set itself up to the region of a locked disc you put in, mine didn’t.

I forgot all about the region setting in windows :doh:. Disabled AnyDVD for the drive, checked in windows, set it to region 2 & its now working fine. BTW, if you dont exit AnyDVD it shows the fake region code that AnyDVD reports so was originally showing as region 2 for me, after disabling AnyDVD it showed not set.

Thanks for that.