BenQ DW1655, SAO OK?

Thinking of getting a DW1655 after all good reports i’ve read,
Anyone know if it works OK with DVD Decrypter in SAO mode?

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes. :iagree:

Thanks again for all your help,
Can order a DW1655 now,
Saw the “MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool for DVD-Writers” post-
Looks very interesting!

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ala42’s MCSE is excellent. Even if you feel that with SolidBurn you wouldn’t need it. It has the readspeed feature, which when enabled means this drive virtually flys. You’ll note that a lot of folks who only use 1 type of media will still use strat swapping over SolidBurn. It’s good to have the option.

have not gone into MediaCodeSpeedEdit very much yet,
So strat swapping is adjusting writing speeds manually, instead of letting Solidburn do it automatically?
Am i right in thinking MediaCodeSpeedEdit lets you enter codes in for different types of media that your drive does’nt usually support?

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SolidBurn does not speed up the writing, you need OverSpeed enabled to do that. Download QSuite manual from my sig & have a read of that. Strat swapping is where you replace one strat (say 8x) & swap for a faster one. Take a look at some of the results users of the BenQ 1620 (works with other manufacturers as well) by using this method. In theory SolidBurn & OverSpeed enabled together should give the best quality/speed ratio. But some believe its a tad cautious & with swapping strats you can throw caution to the wind.

When you have changed a fresh copy of the latest F/W for your drive with MediaCodeSpeedEdit, what is the best way to flash your drive?
Did it a couple of years ago to my Sony DRU500a, which was originally a Sony DWU10a (or something like that!)
Can you flash a DW1655 back to an original fresh copy of the latest F/W after flashing a modified f/w with MediaCodeSpeedEdit?
Downloaded Qsuite manual, from your sig, thanks
Reading up on things,
Seems what i need, started looking at a new DVDRW, when i bought some Emtec 8X DVD-R’s from Amazon cos they looked good and cheap,
DVD Dycrpter did not like them at all!
Looks like MediaCodeSpeedEdit supports the Lite-On SOHW-1693S which a mate of mine has just started getting into burning with.

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Once you’ve patched a f/w you can flash that as you would the usual way. Yes you can go back to original or update to official latest f/w. The f/w looks like this (before & after).

Hi :confused: ,
Bit of a nervous noob about flashing firmware,
Whats the BenQ official way to flash?
Does it come with each F/W update?
What do you recomend?
What do you use?
(Mega! Got the sig working!)

Hi :slight_smile:
Just download BenQ f/w from here. To flash unzip file & double click, f/w will do the rest. When flashing do it in safe mode. Don’t have any other programs running. When flashing modified f/w, it’s the identical in procedure. I use many methods to flash, but the above is all you need & one that I do use a lot of the time. When f/w is first released it’s usually the only way.

Hi, Been looking thru the links in your sig, found “Firmware Strategy Reader v1.2.3” at
With this can you read the info on f/w to which blank disc’s it supports?
I’ve wondered about this since reading up on MediaCodeSpeedEdit, how do you find the info on unsupported blank disc’s to enter in MediaCodeSpeedEdit?
DVD Decrypter gives info in the right hand pane,
Just used MediaCodeSpeedEdit to read BenQ DW1655 BCBD, with info from DVD Decrypter, found the info for the disc’s i had probs with in the f/w, Emtec DVD-R from Amazon, info was Fujifilm03.
will check other disc’s i have.
So you use the BenQ flasher to flash the drive in safe mode with MediaCodeSpeedEdit modified f/w?

Hi :slight_smile:
Use DVD Identifier. Plus MCSE.

Hi :slight_smile:
Finally this & then save.

zebadee, if you try to make a write strategy swap guide, make a right one… :slight_smile:

First, dash media write strategies can only be replaced with other dash media write strategy.
Logically this tells us; a plus write strategy can only be replaced with other plus strategy. This has been explained in lenght long time ago in thread I link to bellow.
Your pictures doesn’t show this, and you don’t say it.

Best of all zebadee, just link to main MCSE thread in future and save us from this confusion. :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry :sad: Just posted wrong clip. :doh: Should’ve been this one.
pinto2.If you read the relevant post, the person concerned had already been to linked site. So I thought I’d try something different.

zebadee, there is no need to recommend MCSE to newbies the first you do. 1655 is a good drive and with SolidBurn enabled no write strategy swapping needed.

BTW, BCDB supports FUJIFILM03 at max. 8x by default. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
pinto2, firstly I haven’t recommended MCSE for strat swapping with the 1655. I mentioned about readspeed feature. It’s misleading as these posts + posts in another forum complete the dialogue. Also if you read about why they (in this forum)want to know about swapping. It’s because some media they have apparently isn’t supported & they’re trying to or intending on strat swapping.

zebadee thanks for the info

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum subman47, hoefully now you’ve found us you can continue to get something out of it.

Sorry zebadee, no pain intended. :slight_smile:
But if you take your time and reread your posts again, maybe you will come to more insight.

First of all, new users of a DVDRW drive have first to learn the basisc (factory designed function) of their drive, for BenQ 165*'s, the functions and tweaks in QSuite.
It’s just not appropriate to recommend the whole “tweaking menu” for new users not quite aware what they actually are doing and not even warned, that by using your “guides”, they will void their warranty and potentially also damage the drive.
Let them burn a few discs with default firmware/settings, and if that doesn’t work to satisfaction, than support with other solutions if neccessary.

Just my opinion, but anyone on this board is entitle to comment. :wink:

BTW, all modern DVD writers support SAO.