BenQ DW1655: SafeDisc 4 and SecuROM 7?

Sorry to ask a noobish question how well does this drive back up the latest SD4 and SR7 protections?

Anyone care to help me with my question please.

Suggest you check other forums such as CD & DVD Copy Protection or CD and DVD Burning Software and please let us know your findings.

As you may noticed, creating a thread with only “BenQ DW1655” in the title will not attract many attention. Title thread changed!

It would surprise me if 1655 is better to handle copy protection than 1640:stuck_out_tongue:

SD4 and SecuROM requires at least SAO/RAW and 1655 is not in the game as far as I can see in linked review.
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BigTy, I just bought a DW1655 but can’t confirm SD4 or SR7. Sorry. I can tell you the drive ROCKS!! for dual layer burns and the Lightscribe is absolutely awesome albeit a bit slow. I keep my old Ricoh for those pesky ol’ stuborn protections anyway…