BenQ DW1655 Retail $36.99 at newegg



BenQ DW1655 at Newegg $36.99.


Limit 9999 per customer. These [U]will[/U] go fast!


2 left.

Edit: Out of stock in 5 mins. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man that was fast.


Already sold out! :eek:


I am really thinking about buying lots of 1655/1640 from here and selling them on ebay , that would make me rich :bigsmile:


damn they went fast haha



Don’t even do the eBay thingie - get a banner ad here - the CDF’s would suck 'em up quick (think that may be happening at Newegg too)-eh!


I suspect that these priodic shown up of BenQ 1650 or 1655 are return drive from customers.



This is a very irresponsible statement - unless you have absolute proof of what you are alleging-

Newegg is a very high quality vendor - and very conspicuously lists its returns as either “open box” or “re certified”

Or maybe you do not shop at Newegg - and therefore would not know what their policies are-eh!


If these drives were customer returns they would most likely be sold in the opened box section. I’ve bought a few things through the opened box section and some of them were never even opened.

For example, I bought a couple of Crucial Ballistix PC3200 kits and the static bags were still intact. I also bought an Arctic Freezer Pro and it was obvious by the thermal paste that this heatsink/fan had never been mounted. Therefore, in my view it is highly unlikely that Newegg would sell a customer return as a brand new item.



I have only bought one “open box” item from Newegg - a 22inch monitor - and it was very obviously opened and worked like $h*t - I will [I]never[/I] do that again-eh!


Sorry to hear it. I’ve had excellent luck through the open box section. Even my new FX-55 came from there for only $125 shipped. It looked like it had been used but I’ve given it a battery of tests - including while overclocked - and it’s held up fine.

I was confident about the memory, even the packages that were already opened because Crucial has such a liberal RMA policy. They’re very willing to work with customers. I had to ship one of the modules I got through Newegg’s open box section back to Crucial for RMA - not because it was defective but because it wouldn’t work with the other modules that were all the same model number. It was single sided and all the rest were DS.


I’ve only purchased open box once on Newegg and it was a bad experience, though I don’t think most people have had my poor luck. I bought a 128MB stick of SDRAM and received a defective 16MB stick instead. :Z I doubt that they do any testing at all with many of their open box items, so you could get anything from a new condition return to a defective return.


I didn’t think they made 16mb sticks of Ram:cool: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Think about it for a second Mike. Newegg has no B&M Stores where they would have an open box display or something. Anything that is open box is obvioulsly a return. Who wants someone elses stuff that they didn’t want. Not me.:doh:


Yo Alan-

Now you know why I stay away from Las Vegas-eh!


I’ve bought many 'o things from Newegg’s open-box section (used to be refurbished section, they recently started the open-box thing, must sound better lol), and never had a problem.

In fact the motherboard in my system now (an Abit AW8) was open-box, and included every bell and whistle it came with when new. I also remember buying at least a couple video cards that worked flawlessly which came with all the goodies. IMO it’s a good way to get stuff cheap, and it’s absolutely no-risk as open-box comes with a 10-day guarantee IIRC.


The goodies [I]may[/I] come with a motherboard or video card but they are not guaranteed to be included. It’s a small risk for those of us who have a small spare parts store in the basement. :slight_smile: The big risk is a DOA product and having to pay to ship it back to them. They do not test the Open Box products.

I believe Newegg also has a Recertified section for refurbished products. The Opened Box section is for customer returns and possibly items that were formerly in their ABS systems that did not sell and are being stripped for parts. ABS is Newegg’s parent company. guarantees all open box products for 15 days. CPUs, however, must be returned within 7 days for refund.