BENQ DW1655 Rebadged as I/O Magic IDVD16DLS - Firmware?


I’m new to the forum and have a question about upgrading my firmware. I purchased an I/O Magic IDVD16DLS however the label on the drive clearly identifies it as a BENQ DW1655. I moved the jumper to the Master position (M) and installed the drive in an external USB2 enclosure.

Using a drive checker tool I see the drive identifies itself in my system as: “ATAPI DVD LS 8X16X8X16 GCAB”. It seems to be working properly however it seems unusual that the drive would identify without a manufacturer’s name as is the case with my other USB2 drives. In any case, I would like to flash the drive from “GCAB” to the official BENQ FW version “BCDB” however when attempt to do this I get an error message “The drive is not allowed to be updated”.

Searching through the forum I’ve seen postings indicating this can be done but I haven’t been able to find any instructions. If anyone would be kind enough to provide some additional info or point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:


I just picked up one of thease at staples for 49.99, and i would like to change it to a bq 1655,so I to would liked to be pointed to a page.

Search this forum to find out how to crossflash to the 1655. Search is your friend. :wink:

Welcome to cdfreaks mistertee. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind I/O Magic won’t honor your warranty anymore if you crossflash the drive.

Well, before posting I actually did make an effort to earn the info :wink:

I didn’t find anything quite as specific as hoped (maybe I wasn’t using the right keywords) but in the end I went ahead and x-flashed it from GCAB to BCDB with BQ Flasher 0.7.2. No probs other than my PC hung on reboot and the drive needed to be power cycled before it would recognize media. Anyway, all is well. Many thanks to Quikee for BQ Flasher… very cool!

Thanks, I appreciate the thought! In my case I have a 2 year walk-in replacement warranty from Staples so no worries :slight_smile:

Well worth the extra $10!

When did you purchase from Staples for $49.99? if I may ask.

I got it this sunday some kind of a sale,In waterville Maine

It is a rebadge 1665 thro not the 1655

It also had a 30 buck Rebate my Wife just told, so i was a little off on the price

sorry about that it is a 1655