Benq DW1655 Overburn problem with Nero 7

I am using BenQ DW1655 with latest firmware: BCHB and it works fine, but when I try to overburn disc, right from the start Nero says “Invalid field in parameter F: BENQ DVD LS DW1655”. I tried several other versions of Nero from 6.x to latest version, but the problem still remains. Taking back previous firmware was not also successful.

I tried your solutions - disable SolidBurn and other options, but the problem remains. What shall I do?

In attachment, you can find Nero’s log if means something. :slight_smile:

according to your log you are trying to overburn a DVD-R disc. A few things.

  1. -R discs cannot be overburned with any current writer.
  2. The 1655 can only overburn DVD+R’s with the latest Imgburn and Nero CD/DVD Speed programs.
  3. When you do overburning with BenQ drives on +R disks it is important to turn SB off as depending on the size of your compilation SB will interfer.
  4. Use the test write feature of QSuite to determine the max overburn size for the disk you are try to burn onto with the overburning test in CD/DVD speed.

Good luck!

edit: Just noticed that you have Solidburn turned off, please ignore

:))) Thanks a lot man. :slight_smile: I simply did not know that overburn with DVD-R media is not possible. :)) Right now, I am overburning DVD+R media and it works. :slight_smile: Now, I can finaly sleep well. :slight_smile:

You might also check out our BenQ DW1655/DW1650 overburning thread.
Happy overburning. :slight_smile:

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You are not overburning with Nero 7, aren’t you?

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Yes. :frowning: And after all it was not successful. It says invalid block access. What shall I use?

Maybe we need bigger text and links. :wink:

[I]Edit,[/I] take your time and read the thread I linked to. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: No, but it was unlogical to burn cd with Nero’s test tool. :frowning: How to do it? Run test/Burn image file?

cd=dvd. :))

Just let this straight. :slight_smile:

  1. I create an NRG image with Nero for example (using image recorder).
  2. I burn that image with IMGBurn
  3. I have to do it all the time in my life until Nero releases new versions of Nero - Burning ROM which will support my drive for overburning DVD discs.
  4. Am I missed something? :slight_smile:

3,4)Yes you’re missing something - 1640 can also overburn, yet many months after it came out Nero still does not support overburning with this model.

The conclusion is that either Ahead doesn’t care to give support for the 1640/1650/1655, or there is a firmware issue preventing support for overburning within Nero.

Dont hold out hope this will be remedied - almost certainly overburning wont be included in the future or you would have seen it by now.

I suspect the reason Nero doesn’t support Oburning on 1640/1650/1655 is because the way overburning is supported is a kind of roundabout way. See this thread.

Also remember that your minimum overburn image size must be 4493 MB or more, smaller overburns will fail on the BenQs. Another thing to bear in mind is that individual discs from the same batch do not all share the same maximum capacity. My best 100% fully playable and working overburn so far has been a 4690Mb image on very cheap INFODISC-R20-00 x8, but most discs from that same batch would range between 4687 4689Mb max capacity(still very decent overburns, but unfortunately on discs of poor quality). Since then I’ve tried lots of different media in order to find a better quality disc that could get that far, but no luck so far…