BenQ DW1655 on sale at Staples

I don’t know if this has been posted yet. But Staples has the BenQ DW1655 drives branded as IOMagic on sale this week for $50.00 after rebates.

But according to spects posted in Staples WEB site the drive is AOpen not BenQ 1655.

I picked one up today it is without a doubt the BenQ 1655

Then why the have posted this drive which is AOpen spects not BenQ?.

Dunno dude. I have right here though it is a DW1655 the drive itself is labeled BenQ

I picked one up today it’s a BEN-Q DW 1655 label is on the drive. :iagree:

I have no faith in Staples site as to specifications. All these office supply stores get a wide variety in the stores. That is a good reason to only buy these things when in hand to minimize disapointment. I have seen one brand of media with three countries of origin on the same shelf.

just got back from Staples, DW1655 here

How I do I know you are right “Dude”.

Good enough?


I was just kiding, don’t take seriously.I know you have it.

lol pictures are worth 1000 words…

definitely not enough proof for me. How about I pm you my address and you can mail me the drive for “verification” :stuck_out_tongue:

office supply stores are well known for misleading customers with plain wrong specs more often than other electronic stores

How many did you take? Local Staples here sold out! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one and they only had two on the shelf. Lightscribe’s gonna take my porn collection to a new level.

I am still undecided whether to get this drive with lightScribe or wait for NEC 4551A with “Labelflash” to become available.

Get both? :wink:

I only have one IDE Controller with already two drive attached to it (BenQ 164 & NEC3500) with AOpen 1616 taking retirement time.