BenQ DW1655 Minimum Writing and Reading Speed for CD-R is 12x


I recently updated the firmware of my BenQ DW1655 to BCHB and noticed that the minimum speed for writing and reading for CD-Rs is 12x - IIRC, it was 8x or even 4x with my old firmware BCDB. After that, I applied BCGB and finally went to BCDB back, but with all firmwares, the speed remained at 12x. Is this something normal?


With what software did you try?

How about download and install Nero CD-DVD Speed from here, put your disc inside the drive, and do Run Test > Transfer Rate. Save the scan in PNG format by clicking the disc icon on the top right and attach the image here.

Also, click the Disc Info tab and let us know the MID.


my 1650 came with BCDC (still running it) and there also minimum write speed is 12x. So I think, there was no change in that case and your minimum speed has always been 12x. Many modern drives, even CD/RW writers offer 12x as minimum write speed.

Just a list of my drives:
Benq DW 1650 BCDC: 12x
LG GSA-4163B A106: 4x
Samsung SHW-163A TS01: 8x
Sony DW-G120A MYR4: 8x
Liteon SOHR-5239V 2$0B: 12x


Why on earth would you want to burn a CD-R at less than 16X anyway???


Low speed can translate to lower jitter.

But for the CD-R which mainly being used for smaller size data or audio files you won’t be concern that much about Jitter. Don’t make life to difficult for yourself.

The big question is: For what you want need to burn them slower than 12x???

I want to read slower for Q-Scans

I guess it’s for CD-Audio that you are interested in lower jitter?

While I can understand your concern, I have to say that despite being among the best DVDR burners around, the Benq 1640/1650/1655 are not top-notch CDR burners, and you’ll never get beautiful 7% ‘flatliners’ with you jitter curves whatever the speed or the media used. These burners have obviously been optimised for DVDR (and bloody well at that :bow: ).

If you feel like you need low and constant CDR jitter, look somewhere else. You can get a dedicated CDR burner from Plextor or LiteOn, or a NEC DVD burner which are great CDR writers (but there is much controversy about recent NEC DVDR burning qualities, to say the least…)

AFAIK “best of both worlds” (DVDR + CDR) sadly don’t exist in a single drive, as far as jitter is concerned. But if it’s for data (hence low jitter is not important), as others have mentioned above, any recent burner will do fine at all speeds. :cool:

As I said, I was only interested in 8x reading. I have a Plextor for audio CDs.