BenQ DW1655 in stock @ NewEgg

NewEgg has both the Retail & OEM listed !!!

Retail BenQ DW1655:

OEM BenQ DW1655:

Yes they do. Retail is $55.00 and O.E.M. is $51.00 :clap: Now bring on the DW1650 :iagree:

WOW - they must have sold out already as I couldn’t find it listed when I checked!

Hey Dalen…It’s right here !!!

HA HA they have them hidden! my EMAIL must have worked, damn good price I guess :eek: Wonder if they have the BENQ name on it?

About freakin’ time!

/goes to get the credit card.

It’s temping. I’ve never had a DVD burner yet. I want to order one, I do. :smiley:

Now you don’t have to worry about what is inside of repackage box of I/O Magic you are getting from Stables. Yes you can enjoy the magic of Genuine Retail of BenQ 1655 with all the peace mind goes with it if you are crazy about BenQ.

Then how you have survived without one so far?.

Thanx beach-hobo. Damn no green stripe :sad:

I have a habbit of looking at one drive, but then waiting for the latest and greatest. What I need to teach myself is that there will almost always be something better, so you have to pull the trigger sometime.

That is the great happit and exersise of will power that so many of us including myself are lasking.

Me wants a DW1650 too. Unless one of my 1640’s blows up I will wait. :iagree:

hello 1655, goodbye 3550

The BenQ 1655 is the same as BenQ 1650 (same hardware) with more fuction and Lightscribe capability. May be even 1650 is upgradeable to 1655 with crossflashing firmware. Therefore having 1655 is better than having 1650 in my opinion.

$4 diff in price i would get the 1655. Wish it had green stripe lol

Edit: read it wrong oem vs retail not 1650 vs 1655 oops
Even at that i would get retail $4 more

May be you meant with $4 price different bethin OEM and retail you would get retail of 1655?. Because the BenQ 1650 is not yet available and we don’t know the selling price of 1650.

Hey TCAS… Nice thought but not true. The lightscribe is an additional hardware feature that the 1650 doesn’t have. So there’s no updating a 50 to a 55. :sad:

I know very little on the build difference between the two. But more functions on the 1655 makes me think there might be more things that can break. I have no use at all for Lightscribe. I have an Epson R300 and Acoustica Label Maker. Hence, I will wait.

I’m with you amboyna. :iagree: