BenQ DW1655 Firmware

No. Mine is BCHB. Got it today.

Yo fairplay-

Thanks for the information - maybe I’ll get lucky…

Can the 1655 be flashed to an earlier firmware?

I know that some drives can and others cannot-eh!

Yes it can!

Did you try burning at 16x? Can you tell us if you get speed drop, ie selected 16x but it burns at 8x or 4x.

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Thanks for the info-eh!

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I did not get a chance to do it tonight. I did burn a TDK branded CMC- E01 (printable) @ 8x with 97 quality score. I have another 1655 with BCDB and 1640 (BSLB) and a 1620 PRO. I try to compare the said media with my previous burns (all at 8X) with all the above burners. It came out with a mix results with no clear winner. Most probably because of differences of this media within the same batch or of course a different one.

I burn the first 16X with this burner. It took 16 min. to burn a Verbatim Light Scribe DVD+R MCC-004 with default settings. What’s up?

Given all the problems reported about BCHB perhaps you should try BCGB.

Here is the scan:

Hi folks,

@ Fairplay: How did you manage to scan a DVD+R completely thru … when I try scanning them … when I almost get to the end of my DVD Media I get “Error” message saying “No Additional Sense Information”.
I get this Error only when scanning a DVD+R. Any ideas!?!?!

@Dragemaster: I will be getting my 1655 tomorrow … after reading these posts I almost feel that maybe I have shot myself in the leg. Am I going to be sorry with this 1655. My 1640 (BSRB) has been a “Jewel” Read/Rip/Burn like a Champ.
And what is the story if Lite-On has bought BenQ … maybe I should switch to “Lite-On” burners!!! What is your suggestion. THX!


You haven’t shot yourself in the leg! :disagree:

The BenQ DW1655 is my favourite drive although it’s sharing that honour with my LiteOn SHM-165P6S (actually a cross-flashed Sony DW-G120A). They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

Are you referring to this?:

If you experience those problems or if you want to avoid experiencing them, you can just make sure that you use different firmware.

Good luck with your new drive! :slight_smile:

after burning open and close ur drive,it is a known bug…

I’m still on BCAB. Any point in me updating? I use TY media at the moment (T02).

As for myself, I use BCDB :slight_smile: Is burn quality better with BCGB, particularly for TYG02 and MCC004 ?
I am not concerned about fast burning; I always burn at 4x or 8x.

I’m still using BCHB now and I don’t get any write speed slowdown anymore since I upgraded my PC (PSU/CPU/RAM etc). I made lots of 16x burning and it always writes at 16x. Maybe the issue I got three months ago (here) was because my previous system?? I’m interested to know if anyone else still get this issue after system upgrade (well we know that AMD/Intel CPU is cheaper now). :wink:

Hi zevia,

I’m curious to know to what extent you upgraded your system so that BCHB can now run with stability ?

Mine was not too weak when I experienced the collapse in write speed which you first reported : 7mn 15 to 8mn 10 for 16X burns of MCC004.
(MSI ATI 200 Xpress mobo, AMD X2 3800 CPU, ATI X600 Graphic card)


I actually did a comparison of both BCDB and BCGB firmwares on my 1655 and posted them here:

Post #1621

And it appears that the BCGB is slightly better (at least in my setup as described below)-eh!

Hi Sapa,

It was actually a total upgrade. From Dell Dimension 8200 P4 2Ghz 250W PSU, to a Conroe system with Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo and 550W PSU.

Not related to system performance, I get sub-spec speed burns even on my new E6300@2.8GHz rig. The recent BenQ firmware releases are truly sub-par compared to their earlier pre-Ltn merger releases. I could get only most Yuden T02 discs to burn at 8x (ie. stock) but a simple MCSE strat swap to T02@T03 produced beautitful 12x burns. Can’t help but feel that the DW1655 hardware is held back from its full potential unlike the DW1640 which had a fantastic run and lots of firmware versions to pick from.