BenQ DW1655 Firmware

Just to say that with BCHB version firmware, there are many problems with Philips DVD+R 16X 4 Gb medias (spead burning = 4x).

Back to BCDB version firmware and your blank DVD will be surely well burned (spead burning = 10x).

Writing strategy of BCHB Firmware seems to be very very bad!!! :doh:

I agree. BCDB seems best for TY and MCC as well.

Look at this burn:

As far as I remember, it has been burnt with BHCB @ 16x, because I only used BCDB once to try to solve my scanning problems.

BenQ has a long and troubled history of some firmeware being good in some drives and not others. Maybe this is just a continuation of that little “bug”. As for me, I am perfectly happy with the results from BCDB so I have no issues with any problems I encountered from subsequent releases.

After all, where would the fun be if every new release for every drive was an improvement? We would have little to discuss.

Simply do it this way: if your burns are good, keep your firmware. Period. :slight_smile:

Not only!
BCHB is very bad with MBIPG101-R05-01 (4X burning instead of 10X minimum with BCDB).

Go back to the… BCDB firmware!!! :bigsmile:

far BCGB is performing reasonably well for me.

Where it come from??? :eek:
On BenQ site, there is only BCHB firmware!! :rolleyes:

I believe it was only posted on their chinese site. Do a search and you should find a link to it.

The BCGB firmware was announced in this post:

Thank you DrageMester for this link!
And do you think that this BCGB firmware is better than BCDB?

I didn’t use BCDB firmware long enough to know or sure whether BCGB was better, but I haven’t had any problems with BCGB firmware in contrast to the problems I had with BCHB.

Yes ok! So, BCGB seems to be good compare to BCHB.
I don’t know if you have noticed it, but BCHB is not present on BenQ China site?! (only BCDB and BCGB)
So They known that BCHB was bad ?

BCGB always worked well for me…

another vote for BCGB, works flawlessly so far :iagree:

Thanx! :smiley:

BCGB works fine for me - it works so well I hadn’t even realised that a later version had been released

BCGB is a good firmware, but there is always room for improvement

in the good old days of BenQ with DW1620, there used to be fequent updates, now when the Lite-on took over benq, it seems like they don’t give a shit anymore. BCHB is a god damn joke, what is Lite-on doing.

Another vote for BCGB, I also had a frustrating experience with BCHB. Still have one 1655 that I haven’t touched, so it may be different with it (I’ll find out when this one dies if it ever does).


My new 1655 is on its way from Newegg-

Hope it has the BCGB fw-eh!