BenQ DW1655: cannot overspeed Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL?

well ive tried everything to get my verbatim 2.4x dvd+r dl to burn faster as they state they can on the package. it clearly says : up to 6x speed with compatible high speed dvd+r dl drives. now im assuming thats what the benq 1655 is right? its supposed to burn at 8x if i remember correctly. however everytime it maxes out at 2.4x. what are you guys doing to increase speeds? as it stands now it takes up to 45min. to burn a whole disc!!! :Z

If you look at these disks with qsuite, you’ll notice that the benq has the media classified as “unknown”. Ie the firmware has no write strategy for it. Even though this is the leading premiere dvd+r dl media! So it’s no wonder that it doesn’t burn faster than the default. It’s ironic that my >1 year old nec3500 burns this media at 4x yet this brand new drive, that supposedly has faster dvd+r dl support, doesn’t even recognize the top brand media.

If your BenQ drive has the OEM firmware (starting with “GC”) as opposed to the retail firmware (starting with “BC”), it has been reported that the DL speed is locked at 2.4x.

Personally, I find that hard to believe since IOMagic (who is currently selling BenQ 1655 drives in their boxes) advertises it as burning DL media faster than 2.4x.

I have a BenQ 1640, and while I usually burn my Verbatim DL media at 4x, there were a few times where the drive never went over 2.4x. Like other media, Verbatim media quality can fluctuate. Its possible that the drive detected it was not safe to burn faster than 2.4x and throttled the speed back. That could also explain what’s happening to you.

I found it hard to believe after my DL media only burned at 2.4X on this drive. But then I noticed that qsuite lists the dual layer MKM001media as unrecognized and surprise turned to something more like anger :slight_smile:
You can’t blame the media quality or verbatim for benq’s lack of any write strategy here.

If you dont like Verbatim DL, then I guess you should stay away from all DL discs because Verbatim DL discs are the best DL discs out there

The point is that BENQ OEM firmware does not support this media correctly, not that there is a problem with the media. You can’t even run a qscan to get the benq to speed test these unrecognized disks. The fact that this media is really the only good DL choice makes this a larger benq problem.

Intrerestingly, the BenQ 1640 doesn’t have a write strategy for the Verbatim MKM 003 (DVD+R DL) media. I wonder if the BenQ 1655 has a strategy for that media and that’s what they officially support at 8x.

I guess once a firmware is released and ala42 can add support to MCE for it, we can see what write strategies are in place in the BenQ 1655 firmwares.

i never stated i had a problem with verbatim. it was only a question to find out the reason i was getting locked at 2.4x. i should have added benq’s name to the thread because i guess that its benq’s fault at this time. the verbatim package does say “with compatible high speed drives” future firmware will fix this problem i am confident. :iagree:

Then I’m really not sure WHY you have used such an unpolite thread title.

i use the same drive my firmware is bc and i have the same problem as djfunz. any ideas?

djfunz probably didn’t know that there are better drives for fast DL burning than BenQ…

You mean Plextor PX-755A with 10x DL? :stuck_out_tongue: If not let us know then…

I rather thougth of the Pioneer A09 (good quality at 6x on those discs) and PX-716 (also good quality at 6x). I didn’t try @10x because i’m running the drive via firewire (usb doesn’t work with that enclosure) and it can’t maintain 10x speed O_o

i have tried overspeed with benq and maximum settings? why cant the verbatim dl burn at 6x on benq1655? my firmware is bc

yeah that would have been nice to know after i posted this thread 2 weeks ago :rolleyes:

come on chef i really dont see how this title says i have a problem with verbatim. it is only a question to see if the above stated was true. i now know its not so im sorry if i offended anyone.

Title changed.

QSuite displays nonsense with DL and RW media also with the Benq 1640, have a look here. So the QSuite ‘unknown’ output means nothing.

There is no doubt that MKM 001 is supported.

The Benq 1640 firmwares have support for MKM 003. As posted in the link above there is a second table for DL media not supported in MCSE yet, which probably allows 8x burning for these MIDs:

MKM      001-000
MKM      003-000
RITEK    S04-001
CMC MAG  D02-000
RITEK    D03-001

Ahh, good to know. Thanks ala42 for clearing that up. I thought that was strange.

So why can’t anyone overspeed it on the oem 1655? You can overspeed it on a benq 1640, right?