BENQ DW1655 Black OEM@Newegg $48.99 Free Shipping

Haven’t been keeping track of prices lately so I don’t know if it’s that good of a deal or not.

Not such a good deal with the 1650 just around the corner for 45.00, maybe if you really want the Lightscribe feature its a good deal.

Thanks alan.

this is a good deal. even if the 1650 costs 45.00, you are getting the lightscribe version for 3.99 extra

My motto - never buy OEM. Heard to many horror stories re: BenQ oem burners. My 1620 and 1640 are both retail versions, still alive and kicking with no problems.

My OEM Samsung and OEM pioneer bit the dust after 3 months.

My reasoning: While OEM and retail are “exactly” the same parts wise, there’s no guarantee that the quality of those parts are “exactly” the same.

Ask youself this: which would make a company ensure that their product is good…the product with it’s name written all over the box and faceplate or an OEM version where the average consumer has no idea which company actually made it.

Of course i could be wrong, but im just playing it safe. I’d spend the extra 20 bucks or so and not worry about the RMA process.

i recently purchased dw1655 oem from new egg on 03/01/06 from tennessee warehouse. It arrived with less then acceptable packaging. Due to this, the drives sled that holds the lasers was busted and moving freely inside. Drive was unable to read anything. Im currently waiting on the new one. Newegg is fast about the rma process, no problems there.

Funny, I have noticed no difference whatsoever between my OEM and retail drives. I had a retail Pioneer 105 burn out after only 8 months, I have an OEM Pioneer 109 that I have run for about a year now with absolutely no problems. Does that mean that one is better than the other? NO!!! It’s just the luck of the draw. I personally find the retail drives to be a waste in most cases since they include a bunch of junk that you don’t need and the software is usually pretty piss poor or a stripped down version of a good program.

I got my DW1655 from Newegg TN. It came wrapped twice with big bubble wrap, then covered in popcorn. It works great flashed to the new BCDB firmware. 90+ quality error scans on Verbatim media.


No more free shipping now - its $5.89 - but the burner itself is still $48.99-eh!


All my Benqs are OEM and are still working great!

One of the greatest risks in buying an OEM optical or hard drive is it being damaged during shipping. Newegg has taken a lot of criticism in past months for not adequately packing drives – and switching to UPS ground shipping. (Supposedly, UPS ground may subject packages to a lot more abuse than Fedex Express Saver does.)

I tested this out myself when I ordered an NEC drive last week. Despite user reviews stating it was best to pay a few extra bucks for Fedex Express Saver to help protect your drive from being damaged, I went with the free (at the time) UPS ground. As luck would have it my package arrived without any outward signs of abuse, and once opened, I could see Newegg had done a great job packaging it: two layers of bubble wrap, centered in a fairly small box tightly packed with packing peanuts.

I was lucky this time. I’m sure my drive came from the same Tennessee warehouse the same week that godd555 got his poorly packed, damaged drive. :frowning:

I purchased the 1655 from Newegg too – no probles what so ever with this drive adter 5 months. Joe

I’ve been OEM for years now and have never had an issue.
As for NewEgg shipping, they have always sufficiently wrapped my packages.
I am not happy though that they’ve switched to UPS shipping.
I worked for UPS as both a loader and unloader. I know how boxes get handled. I don’t ship [I]anything[/I] UPS anymore. Amusingly, the worst thing you can do to a package being shipped UPS is to put a “FRAGILE” sticker on it. That will guarantee “special treatment” from the package loaders! :doh:
…and you don’t want to know how tractor trailers full of boxes get unloaded… :eek:

As of this writing, the DW1655 OEM is currently $49.99 with FREE 3-day shipping. I’ll be ordering one today for an external enclosure.

In my neck of the woods (Texas), UPS 3 day shipping seems to invariably be slower than FedEx 3 day shipping. Not to mention definitely rougher handling. The last drive I ordered from Newegg (a Nec 3550), showed up with the box completely crushed and torn wide open. If there had been any packing in the box, it had long since disappeared. And the UPS driver thought I should accept delivery!!!

I heard these new BenQ’s do not work well in an external enclosure, make sure before you buy this drive.

I just got my new DW1655 (retail box, BCDB firmware) from NewEgg yesterday. The damn thing won’t write to the second layer of DVD+R DL discs. I have tried Ritek DVD+R DL (RICOHJPN D00) 2.4X media and Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM 001) 2.4X-6X media. The DW1655 doesn’t offer 4X or 6X for the Verbatim media, but that really doesn’t matter if it won’t even write at 2.4X.

QScan reports that the Ritek media should not be used, but it says the Verbatim media is OK (see attached).

My old Pioneer DVR-108 burns the Ritek and Verbatim media at 2.4X successfully. I’ve sent info to BenQ tech support. I hope they have an answer for me because I hate returning stuff.

Pics in previous post are:

  1. QScan of blank Ritek RICOHJPN D00 @ 2.4X (fails)
  2. QScan of blank Verbatim MKM 001 @ 2.4X (passes)
  3. Nero CD-DVD Speed Quality Test for Failed Burn with Nero & Verbatim @ 2.4X